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Cloud Control - In Control

Author: 3D
Friday, 2 May 2008
3D catches up with Blue Mountains indie pop/folk act, Cloud Control, ahead of their national tour.

You’re hitting the road with the lovely Brisbane lads, The John Steel Singers. How did this hook-up come about-

We initially played with JSS at a charity gig in Sydney and having heard nothing about them we were taken aback by their style and tunes. We then hung out at a gig we played in Brisbane soon after, so it was pretty organic which is great.

Is it a road trip tour- If so, who’s the unlucky one doing all the driving- And will you be taking a video recorder to capture all the shenanigans-
We will be hanging out as much as we can, but I think we are flying most of the way ’cause we all work day jobs or are at uni so it’s hard to drive the whole way. I’m sure with the amount of camera phones that are around any so called ‘shenanigans’ will make their way to the web and hopefully we will have a major falling over it and write hate songs to each other...

Have you started working on your debut LP yet-
Work has begun. We are playing a couple of new tunes for these shows and are writing every chance we get. We have started demoing and are putting up different tunes from time to time on MySpace for a week or so.

How has the band evolved since the days when you were known as Cube Plantation-
We haven’t changed much on paper – same faces, same combo of instruments – but the evolution is definitely there and we can best put our finger on it when we try to play our oldest songs and notice it feels like someone else wrote them.

What doors did winning the Sydney University Band competition in 2006
 open for you-
The main opportunity it gave us was to dive into the recording studio, which turned out to be a grand stone house in the bush belonging to a friend. We always found the Sydney gig scene to be quite welcoming, so with our foot in that door, perhaps the win gave us more wiggle room.

How does it feel to count Neil Finn and Brian Jonestown Massacre’s
 Rick Maymi as fans-
Pretty good, but we’d like to cement those friendships more substantially, like over playing cards or something.

You mention hailing from the Blue Mountains on your MySpace, has the
 setting influenced your music-
Without a doubt. All four of us were born into the collection of small villages and trees that make up the mountains community, and we write and rehearse in our basement that is perched on the edge of a vast gully of bushland. Our music has to fit this backdrop or it doesn’t work.

WHO: Cloud Control
WHAT: Play Spectrum
WHEN: Saturday 10 May