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Craze-y For Miami Bass

Author: Fat Tony
Monday, 10 March 2008
3D’s Fat Tony got Craze on the blower from his Miami home studio. He’s been holed up in there putting in some intense studio work, there’s touring afoot so time is of the essence. One of those projects is his long-awaited studio album. Will 2008 be the year-

“Yeah hopefully,” the DJ laughs. “I’ve been saying that for years but this year I’m going to spend more time in the studio. I’m getting more comfortable with working on beats and stuff. So hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll have at least an EP or something.”
The other main project is a group called Lushus that Craze is putting together with his girlfriend, MC Roz. “It’s like old skool Miami bass and freestyle meets new club electro kind of style. I have this other girl, Drea, she’s a pretty dope singer from out here, singing on some of the hooks. And then my girl’s going to be rapping on the songs.” One of the Lushus tracks featured on his recent FabricLive mix, which strayed considerably from the hip hop and drum n bass that Craze made his reputation on.

“Right now I’m really feeling all the old stuff and the club music and the booty house and all stuff like that,” he says. “So I just did what I wanted to do, put a couple of my boy’s tracks on there that I wanted to put on like Clever, Treasure Fingers, Tittsworth, A-Trak, Cool Kids. You know, the music I was digging when I made it.

“I’m still doing my DMC stuff, but the thing is right now, the whole vibe has changed with everything in clubs. I don’t play that much hip hop no more in clubs. Everything became dancey, everything became a party again, and I kind of like that stuff. I mean, when I mix I do all my tricks, I do all my juggles and everything, but nowadays, at the clubs that I’m playing anyway it kind of messes up the flow, so I always save stuff for the end. After that people can just go home, they have to stop dancing. But yeah I still do it.”

Craze is still close to his old turntablist buddies, The Allies. The friendships have kept the competitive spirit alive. “Now it’s moved on to the production. We don’t really do teams that much anymore,” he says. “I’ll come up with a routine or two every year now, but when I was battling I was coming up with six or seven a year. Now we just work on beats. All of us we’re all trying to get our production on. We’re still competitive, just in a different way. When I finish a beat they’re the first ones I send it to. ‘Do you think it’s cool enough, do you think it’s hot-’, you know-”

Oddly enough home insurance prices, spurred upwards by the ever-longer and more manic hurricane season, are forcing Craze to leave the musical hotbed of Miami. “I’m going to relocate to Atlanta in a couple of months. My boy Klever’s from out there, and Treasure Fingers is from out there. Not as many people as out here, but it’s only like an hour’s flight from Miami so it’s all good.”

WHO: Craze
WHAT: Plays Sounds on Easter Sunday, Greenwood Hotel
WHEN: Sunday 23 March