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DJ Distance - Going For Speed

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
London dubstep artist DJ Distance is coming to headline Void, Sydney’s premier night of dubstep, grime and idm. 3D divulges a little more info on the man.

So what led you to start your own label, Chestplate, and has it been a bit of a learning process for you-
It’s something I have always wanted to do, and I always said to myself once I had released my album I would start Chestplate. It hasn’t been that much of a learning curve – I know the process quite well. I did release a white [label] myself in 2003, before the name dubstep had even surfaced.

Your first release for your Chestplate label is Radical – do you think that this word applies to what you’re doing with your beats-
I’m not sure really – I just want to make music people haven’t heard before. I’m not about sticking to formulas or same sounds. My goal is to come up with new grooves and melodies.

Your tastes are as diverse as garage, metal, drum n bass and dub – what’s the marriage of all these genres sound like-
Pretty much what I’m making now. I would like to think so, anyway. I have never been as happy with my sound as I am now. I’m not afraid of adding live guitars, or nasty distorted bass lines – I just want to merge all the elements together to create something fresh.

So how healthy is the UK underground scene at the moment-
Very healthy! Everyone is building more and more tunes; new artists are coming into the scene. I think it’s remained consistently raw and fresh. Just when you think is getting a bit same-y, someone will come with some next level beat. There are a few more regular nights now as well. It’s attracting bigger crowds all the time.

Do you still have a slot on UK radio station, Rinse FM- How did that come about and do you approach your radio setlists differently to your live ones-
Basically about four years ago I started sending mix-tapes to a guy called Dougz at Rinse FM, and kept in touch in case a slot came up. I them met him and Geeneus at FWD a few months down the line and they asked for another mix. I was then offered a show. I’ve been doing it ever since. I do approach my live sets slightly different because I dedicate an hour of my radio show to new talent. I don’t tend to play these out – I mainly play my own material.

WHO: DJ Distance
WHAT: Plays Void at Phoenix Bar
WHEN: Friday 1 February