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DJ Nino Brown - DJ Brown Hits The Town

Author: Justin Levy
Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dj Nino Brown is Australia’s club DJ, famous for his Blazin’ mixes and whopper live sets. 3D’s Justin Levy gets the word on the Blazin’ 2008 album and national tour.

Music is Monday to Monday for Mr. Brown. Monday through Wednesday he practices mixing, produces, and “stays on top” of new music in his Piermont Studio, and the rest of the week he diligently tours the Australian circuit, producing his Trailblazing radio show and soon to be podcast show. He has become renowned for his committed touring schedule, and admits he can’t slow down now.

“I get a good response everywhere I go,” he tells. “I really put a lot of effort to put on a good live show, and we’ve always got a few performers with us.” MC Ethical will be one of those joining him on his upcoming tour, with who he was touring buddies with on the Jay Z ‘Rock the Block’ tour. Aside from his reputation as one of Australia’s most well known DJS, Brown has had quite the experience with supporting international artists.  Snoop Dogg. Ja Rule. Cypress Hill. The list goes on.

“There’s an expression, ‘play your position’. When I do support shows, I may be like ‘well I am DJ Nino Brown and I’ve got all these awards and blaa blaa blaa but this show, I’m a warm-up for Snoop Dogg’s show,’” he reminisces on his first concert gig supporting the Jizzle ten odd years ago.  “It was about trying to get everyone in a good mood so that when Snoop comes in, everyone’s really hyped up, y’know what I mean- It’s like fitting into your piece of the puzzle. It’s that whole thing about keeping your ego in check.”

For those that haven’t heard of the Blazin’ compilation, it is the urban and hip hop gospel of music, now up to number seven; the last two of which have been solo endeavours for the self-professed local music lover. Expect some of the big names like Timbaland, and Kanye, as well as locals Hilltop Hoods, Phrase and Ken Hell. Brown considers the international scene a bonus, having dabbled in the occasional overseas trip, but it definitely isn’t a priority like his hometown. Regional areas make up a bulk of his touring schedule, many of the places he visits regularly anyway. 

“These shows are often a lot bigger and better than the city shows, because the people in Sydney and Melbourne are always spoilt with performers,” he says. “And I think Under 18s gigs are great. It’s a good way to educate the kids and also it helps you keep a job, because when these kids turn 18 they’ll come and see you in a nightclub.”

And what kind of hip hop related article would this be without a mention of the current state of hip hop-

“It has definitely got more mainstream. I like playing clubs and parties and it’s funny, for a long time the scene was like, If you’re playing clubs you’re not a real DJ and stuff like that, but people keep forgetting that hip hop came from block parties. Even if we’re at a mainstream club and we’re playing mainstream records, people like the Chief Rockers crew [of which Brown is a member], we’re cutting these things back and really giving it a hip hop vibe, and making it a different experience.”

“There are a lot of hip hop dudes out there who actually play house music as well now, just because some of that can be good music,” he says. “I’m not out there playing house records, but I’m open to playing anything that’s cool.”

WHO: DJ Nino Brown
WHAT: Blazin’ 2008 out through Universal / 2008 National Tour
WHEN: Out now / dates online