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DJ Pila Of Strength

Author: Jane Stabler
Monday, 25 February 2008
Dj Pila is one of quite a few hardstyle success stories to be spawned from Northern Europe. Alongside the likes of lady Dana, DJ Pila’s name is inseparable from his genre of electronica. It seems there must be something in the water over there because Pila wanted it hard and fast from day one, and it seems so did his fellow dance fans. Interview by 3D’s Jane Stabler.

“The harder styles find their origin over here,” Pila considers of his homeland’s musical inclinations, “but on the other hand the Dutch people like it harder than the usual stuff. If you really look closely, Holland produces in every sort of music, they have the DJs and most of them are really famous. Holland is a country that likes it a little bit harder than the rest. When I play in Holland I play a totally different speed than in every other country. Mainly I have always been [into hardstyle]. I like basically all different kinds of house, but I’ve been playing hardcore for a long time.”

Through his love of hardstyle and a firm commitment to the art of DJing, Pila has garnered an impressive name for himself. One of the few hardcore players to use more than two decks, Pila’s ability to mix it up has attracted attention, respect and the reputation of being one of the original bad boys of everything hard and funky.

“Yeah I can agree with that one!” he laughs, clearly pleased with the label. “I’m not a bad boy any more, I’m a good guy now, but up on the decks, I try to be a bad boy up there. I just enjoyed mixing and doing all sorts of tricks with the decks and at some point I was playing with three decks and people noticed. Basically it’s important how I put on my set.”

Also important to Pila is the production side of his industry, and he started his own hardcore label NRO Records in the mid-’90s. A man who likes to be busy, Pila says the changes to the electronic music scene mean it’s not that much of a struggle to fit it all in.

“It’s not difficult,” he says of the two major occupations competing for his time, “because now during the day I’ll be working in the studio and DJing on the weekends. [When you’re] travelling you’re used to your own studio but you can meet up with other DJs in the countries you visit and use their studios. It’s easier than it used to be. Ten years ago if a DJ had to mix a CD he’d have to make it at home with two or three decks and nowadays you can put them into your laptop and it mixes it for you. Basically now your studio can consist of your computer, where[as] a couple of years ago we didn’t have that computer era and you needed to buy lots of keyboards and those kinds of things, so it was an expensive hobby!”

WHO: Pila
WHAT: Plays the launch of Nexus at Metropolis
WHEN: Saturday 1 March