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DJ Yoda - Enjoy New Fabric Cd, You Shall

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, 31 March 2008
While he may have just left the country, you can now relive DJ Yoda’s good vibrations set in your loungeroom. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers talks Fabriclive with the turntablist.

No danger of idle hands around DJ Yoda – the man, Duncan Beiny, has crafted his own unique aural sense that takes in every musical genre under the sun, as long as it makes you dance. And that kind of vision gets you a lot of work. His FabricLive compilation, the 39th in the inimitable series, drops in April, right in the middle of a huge UK tour that sees him scratching DVDs for half the set. He also has an Aussie tour chalked in for July, as yet unannounced, and another of his seminal Cut and Paste mixtapes slated for later in the year.

Beiny says that mixing FabricLive39 was the most rewarding compilation he has put together thus far, if only because it was the first to recognise his club experience.

“I have had a lot of mix CDs out before, but none of them have been really representative of what I do in clubs, which is where I am every weekend,” he says. “It was a good chance for people to take a bit of DJ Yoda in the club home with them. The only challenge to me was trying to cram in everything that I wanted to cram into one CD. I play so many different types of music, it was tough to make that all work and fit.

“It doesn’t reflect what I’m doing with the new AV tour, though. I’m splitting my shows half and half at the moment. Half of the show I’ll DJ regularly, without the visuals. I always do that. Separate from that is the Magic Cinema Show, which is basically like YouTube mixed with DJing. It’s loads of clips of my favourite things, whether it is movies or TV or cartoons or stuff that I’ve shot myself, and I’m mixing and scratching all of that up with the music and visuals.”

Working on tracks for another full-length artist album, Beiny says what he did with The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda was just write down a list of all the artists and vocalists that he had always wanted to work with.

“And one by one ticked them all off and got in touch with them all and put a bunch of ideas down onto one album,” he says. “There are 30 tracks on there, and each one has a whole different idea behind it. There is a lot going on with that album. I just came up with lots of crazy ideas for songs. One of the tracks I did with Bismark E, and it was all about breakfast cereal. I’m a big fan of breakfast cereal, and I know he is too, so I wanted to put together a track about cereal and put in sound effects of people crunching cereal and milk being poured and spoons clanging around. Every song was like that, they all had a different theme or reason for existing. I didn’t want to just randomly make music. There is one track that has a drum n bass feel, one with a country and western flavour. I wanted to get all of my influences out in the album, one way or another.

“The Fabric mix is different because I’m not producing the music, I’m just picking other people’s music, but my style of DJing is to really mess around with people’s music anyway. I like to find a way to play one song to represent all the different things, musically, that I play, then find ways to make all the songs work together.”

WHO: DJ Yoda
WHAT: FabricLive39: DJ Yoda through Fabric/Inertia
WHEN: Out 12 April