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DJs Are Not Rockstars - Kill Rockstars

Author: Cyclone
Thursday, 31 January 2008
DJ Cat loves dance music yet she has the feisty attitude of a rock’n’roll chick. The irony- She’s Alexander Technique’s new partner in the hyper mash-up combo DJs Are Not Rockstars (DANR), following Princess Superstar. Interview by 3D’s Cyclone.

Cat is anticipating her inaugural Australian tour, but she’s actually visited before. She once spent three months on vacation here.

“My parents were like, ‘You can either get a car for your 16th birthday or take a trip.’ I was like, ‘Fuck that, my friends all have cars, I’m gonna take a trip’ – and I went to Australia.”

Cat, aka Catherine Wentworth, has come some way since leaving her native Houston for New York. She didn’t set out to DJ. At one stage Cat pursued a vocation in the wonderful world of magazines. She reviewed albums for her high school paper and later studied photography in college with the idea of becoming a photojournalist.

Cat was approached by The Source, known as the hip hop bible, to research a piece on Houston’s rap scene. They offered her further work and so she relocated to NY. What was it like writing for The Source- “It was really hard to get paid by them,” Cat laughs.

Wentworth soon switched to fashion photography. She’d assemble mixtapes for colleagues, which led to her involvement in an events company. Cat booked Mark Ronson to spin for Vogue and he encouraged her to DJ.

Cat might have those old hip hop connections, but she’s not necessarily a b-girl. She grew up with New Wave, partied at ’90s raves, and today DJs across the spectrum of ’80s, electro and breakbeat. She befriended Alexander at Arthur Baker’s Return To New York bash in 2006. “I was DJing by myself and everything, but it’s always more fun to DJ with someone else.

“He and Princess Superstar were boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time and they split up. When they broke up, they also stopped DJing together, ’cause it’s really hard to work with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend! They decided just to split ways completely.

“He started the whole concept of DANR. He was like, ‘Hey, we should DJ together sometimes under DANR.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that sounds really fun, why not-’”

Cat believes she’s brought “a younger, fresher perspective” to DANR, although she’s careful to give props to Princess Superstar. But, while her predecessor was primarily a performer, Cat is a DJ. “I’m not being stuck up or anything, but I’m a really good DJ!”

Cat has no desire to suspend her own career for DANR.

When not rocking clubs, she plays hipster events, including fashion shows, and cites a private party for Robert de Niro in her bio. She adores fashion, art and glamour, letting slip that she even worked for Amy Sacco, of Bungalow 8 fame, but it’s the fact that she can drop a range of music at such elite functions that excites her most.

Inevitably, Cat is moving into music-making. She’s collaborating with Automatic Panic and, beyond a 12 Inch on Junior Sanchez’ label, they’re recording an album. And then she’s rapped for the legendary King Arthur – Baker – himself. Just try to stop her...

WHO: DJs Are Not Rockstars
WHAT: Play OneLove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 9 February