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Dave Seaman - Master At Work

Author: Rezo
Monday, 10 March 2008
This week two heavyweights of the dance scene, Dave Seaman and Nic Fanciulli, team up for renaissance masters at Space nightclub. 3D’s Rezo caught up with Seaman.

Dave Seaman needs little in the way of introduction. Since he was about 10 years old he only wanted to be a DJ. He admits back then it wasn’t particularly glamorous but his dream was to get a slot at a local nightclub.

“It was a long way from a proper career and mum and dad wanted me to get a proper job,” he says. “25 years later they have conceded that it is a proper job and coming from all those school discos and weddings to where I am today is a great honour.”

Today, Seaman considers himself somewhat of a chameleon. You won’t pin progressive house onto him anymore.

“Nowadays, I just play what I like; I don’t bother with genres anymore,” he says. “I think it’s a waste of time really; the boundaries are so blurred and what people call techno is not what I call it. To me, music is what feels right at the time. I leave all the analysis about genres and sounds to other people – it’s a journalist’s job! You’re the ornithologists and I’m the bird! I don’t even know what progressive house is anymore. Even if it’s banging techno, the music should be where the mood takes you. If I have to play to a massive festival crowd or a sexy club obviously you tailor things to the environment but the energy on the dance floor is what drives you. The only time I look at genres is when I go on Beatport!”

Seaman’s formula remains the same: put your name to a mix or compilation that gives you maximum exposure and ensures people know what you stand for.

“Music has to be sweet and digestible. The way you make a collage and present it is how you stand out from the crowd,” he says. “We always aim for the best possible result in the end. The most recent mix I did was in fact a complete bitch! I wanted to give up at one point!”

His Renaissance mixes have indelibly changed the face of electronic music. Hurdles are merely that – obstacles to overcome. He recounts hassles he had late last year with a distributor closing its doors, and how quickly they got over it.

“It was a sticky moment when they went under. A whole bunch of labels they looked after struggled as well; it was just as we’d put out Therapy Sessions 4 and obviously invested a lot of time and money in it, getting very little of it back,” he says. “But nevertheless, we weathered the storm and we’ve got some amazing new stuff coming out. We’re doing some sampler CDs with like 10 unique tracks on them; not as a mix so it will help DJs who play with CDs. We’re going to release it digitally as well so that will be great.”

WHO: Dave Seaman
WHAT: Plays Renaissance Masters at Space
WHEN: Thursday 20 March