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Donkey Rollers - On A Roll

Author: 3D
Thursday, 24 January 2008
Hardcore dance technicians Donkey Rollers are hitting Australia for the inaugural Q-Dance. 3D got onboard for a chat with the trio.

You’re coming to Australia for Q Dance. Can you tell us a little about the Q Dance parties in Holland- We imagine they’d be pretty massive-
Yeah, they’re the biggest ones in the scene. When you visit one of these parties, you are guaranteed to [be] entertained all night by good music, nice visuals and great decorations.   

It was only last year that you were in Australia, playing Transmission. Do you guys actually spend much time at home-!
Not very much. During the week we spend lots of time in the studio. And in the weekends we travel a lot. Life of a DJ, huh- 

Your live MC is one of the aspects that sets you apart from other acts. What else, in your opinion, is unique to a Donkey Rollers live show-
The interaction with the crowd makes it more special. We try to involve the people in our set with the lyrics in our tracks and also [MC] DV8 is there to make this feeling stronger.   

Are you working on any productions at the moment- Any plans for a full-length-
Like always, we’re making new stuff for our performances. Some of these things are gonna be released afterwards, other tracks we keep exclusively for our act.   

Holland is consistently at the forefront of dance music, particularly the harder styles – is it something in the water-
No. Good and solid ground under our feet, I guess! 

Finally, what can we expect from your Sydney show- Will it be mainly originals-
You’ll never know... The only thing we can say is that it’s gonna be one hell of a Donkey show again!

WHO: Donkey Rollers
WHAT: Play Q-Dance at the Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Thursday 20 March