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Elite Force - The Elite Beat

Author: Rezo
Monday, 18 February 2008
UK beatmaker Elite Force is about to release his new mix cd through Lot49, but first he’s crossing the planet to play our very own Future Music Festival. 3D’s Rezo jumped on the phone to spin some yarns.

Cross genre pollination is all the rage now. Artists who were pop are doing electro; those who were doing house are into techno; and those into hip hop are doing experimental. It’s a tale of the common world, but allow us to introduce Simon Shackleton. Here is a man that has long held that philosophy, and that begs the question of why-

“Well, obviously it goes back years and years,” he begins. “I did my first about 13 years ago now. It took quite a while building up the studio to produce anything that was releasable. In the 1990s too, that was a real challenge because most people in that era were using top end studios and if you couldn’t compete with them, you’re out!”

The studio Shackleton harks from contained just a D20, SH101 and a few other select bits and pieces. He claims he was one of the lucky ones to find someone to invest in him.

“To come from Lunatic Calm, the previous outfit, to where we are today is amazing,” he says. “We’ve done a few albums and things have gone really well. In the beginning I was releasing stuff on my Fused and Bruised label – it was a means of finding my own voice. When that folded around 2000, that’s when I really stepped up to the plate as a DJ and also stepped up the focus on solo work.”

Today Elite Force is the consummate genre killer. Take breaks, electro, funk, techno and hip hop and you get some idea of what is possible here.

“I’ve been working with my friend Meat Katie for a long time and we both found there was a spot in the market for this kind of music. It was misleading for us to say it was breaks or house or electro, which is why we started calling it tech funk! It was more of an inclusive word as we were trying to distance ourselves from being placed into a pigeonhole. We’re just fans of good music at the end of the day. I know there’s music which is good, bad and indifferent so this is just a vehicle for offloading those questions and ideas. You get people who think you play breaks exclusively but the vast majority of people just go home having had a great time, so it’s not about judging.”

WHO: Elite Force
WHAT: Plays Future Music Festival, Royal Randwick Racecourse
WHEN: Saturday 8 March