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FILTHY gorgeous - SLUTTY goodness

Author: 3D
Thursday, 10 April 2008
Bringing ‘underground slutty house music’ to Moulin Rouge and Chinese Laundry with Filthy Gorgeous, Scott Martin talks to 3D about Ibiza revelry, the brand, and Scissor Sisters buying the t-shirt…  

Firstly, which FILTHY gorgeous dude are we chatting with, and how did you first become a part of FILTHY gorgeous-
I’m Scott Martin, the scruffy one with the beard, Jamie is the gay looking one! Jamie Gittins and I set up FILTHY gorgeous in the summer of 2005. We had both been involved with other nights and talked of doing a joint promotion of the brands in Ibiza, but both of us wanted to do something a bit different… and FILTHY gorgeous was born.

Speaking of FILTHY gorgeous – you probably get this all the time – was the name inspired by the Scissor Sisters single-
Well we originally had another couple of names we wanted to use – “perros no”, which means “no dogs” in Spanish, or “Crack Whore”. Funnily enough the bar owner of where we wanted to put the night on didn’t like either of those, so it was back to the drawing board. We wanted something that would represent the sound we were playing and set it apart from all the glitzy, funky nights that were dominating the scene. In the end “FILTHY gorgeous” probably typified that more than we could have expected. We met Sammy Jo (the Scissor Sisters’ DJ) and he loved the name/logo…he ended up taking five T-shirts back to the US with him for all the band members!

Now FILTHY gorgeous is a club brand, tell us a little bit about how the brand started and where you’ve been…

That summer in 2005 we just did a small weekly party in a bar in the West End of San Antonio (basically the arse-end of the island!). The Brit workers on the island would come along after finishing their shifts to listen to music they actually wanted to hear. It was an underground mix of electro, tech, and minimal, but with a few surprises thrown in (a rock track or TV theme tune) so there was a fun/party element too. Our music policy has tightened up over the past couple of years and we’re pretty much a tech-house/techno night now, but the party ethos is still there.

We’ve been quite lucky and the brand has developed pretty rapidly. In our second summer in Ibiza we were asked to host the Coco Loco room at Privilege, the world’s biggest club. We have played some of the best clubs up and down the UK – Sankeys, Canvas, Pacha, Custard Factory – and have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful countries (Mexico, China, Thailand, Dubai) playing the music we love.

So which members of FILTHY gorgeous will be coming out to Australia for this trip-
It’s just Jamie and I, the founders and main residents. One of our other residents ‘Mistress De Funk’ was supposed to join us later in the month, but she’s not coming now.

Now, you guys have been all over the world of late. What were a couple of the

To be honest, I don’t think you can beat Ibiza for the atmosphere. The closing party at Privilege was amazing with the sun coming up over the Ibiza countryside, visible as one of the walls in the room was just floor-to-ceiling clear glass. It’s an amazing view anyway, but when you’ve been partying all night and you see the sun coming up from the hills it’s even more special. Our UK reunion parties are always great too. When you go abroad it’s always quite difficult to gauge the crowd and still do your thing… you know, get the balance right. For example, in China they don’t generally have much of a dancefloor – it’s all tables with the VIP ones being right at the front. It was a bit daunting to start with, everyone sitting down looking at you, but I had them dancing on top of their tables and hanging off the speakers by the end of the night!

Are you involved in production at all under the FILTHY gorgeous moniker-

Both Jamie and I are just getting into producing at the moment. I’ve got two or three projects I’ve started on but haven’t really dedicated the time to as yet, but plan to do so this year. We’ve got no immediate plans to work together as FILTHY gorgeous, but haven’t ruled it out for the future. We have set up a FILTHY gorgeous label, however, with one release so far, and a few others in the pipeline. We’ve got a lot of talented friends and set up the label to showcase their skills

You’re coming to Sydney soon for sets at Chinese Laundry and Moulin Rouge. What tantalising goodies do you have planned for us there-
Well, one of those productions I mentioned I’m working on is a techno remake of The Birdie Song, so I was thinking of trying that out on the Sydney crowd… Yes, that was a joke! You’ll just have to come down and see/hear for yourselves, but it will definitely be FILTHY and most probably gorgeous too!

WHO: FILTHY gorgeous
WHAT: Moulin Rouge/ Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 18 April/ Saturday 19 April