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Author: Cyclone
Friday, 18 January 2008
Certified hitmakers Darren Glen and Andy J of Firefox have been brewing up another ubiquitous track in the form of Pull My Trigger. Get ready because if you love it, this is going to be a great summer; if you hate it, it’s going to be a very long summer indeed. Words by 3D’s Carlisle Rogers.

Tracing the genealogy of these two gentlemen is a daunting task, because they’ve been in the game so long, and both of them have had success with just about everything they touch. Their debut single, Sex Shooter, made it onto the Ministry of Sound Annual for 2007. As Sgt Slick, Andy J has garnered several ARIAs, and Glen’s Pitch Dark project, with Sgt Slick helping out, just scored a long-standing number one on the ARIA chart with Automatic Machine.

Glen attributes the fact that he is a bit of an automatic hit machine himself to the fact that he and Andy are writing for the world, not just Australia.

“I never really think about what makes a hit in Australia, I think about what is going to make a hit worldwide,” he says. “I live and DJ in Australia, and I’d never want to live anywhere else, but we are really listening to and working on an international level music-wise, because that’s where ultimately your tracks are going to get signed and get the most interest. So yes, we have one ear glued to the Australian dancefloor and public, but if you stay blinkered and only look at the Australian music culture, you are doing yourself a disservice.

“Overseas, with the way things are going, if there are too many vocals, they don’t get into it. Here, our philosophy has always been, let’s produce something that the dancefloor will love, but that radio has no excuse not to play. So when it becomes as big as we hope it will be, and ends up getting taken to Nova and FoxFM, we don’t want them to say ‘There is no vocal in that, you can’t play it’. Our stuff walks that very fine line between cool and radio-friendly.”

The newest hit from the factory floor is of course Pull My Trigger, Firefox’s second single. Definitely in the family tree, the boys have managed to come up with a follow up that still sounds like a Firefox track, while leaving behind Sex Shooter in most directions but lyrics.

“Sometimes record companies force you to make something that sounds exactly the same, saying ‘It worked last time, do it exactly the same again.’ We always try to buck that trend, mainly because, as DJs, we hate it ourselves. We’re like, ‘Make an effort please, would you-’ We wanted it to have a similar theme, and we thought the best way to link the two would be to run it through the lyrics.”

WHO: Firefox
WHAT: Pull My Trigger through Vinyl Pusher/Shock / new Darren Glen single For What You Dream Of out through Central Station
WHEN: Out now / out now