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Author: 3D
Thursday, 31 January 2008
GLOVES is the one-man DJing project of Damn Arms’ vox machine and synth shredder Yama Indra and he’s gonna rip you a new…artillery. Indeed.

What came first, Damn Arms or GLOVES- We can hear both the dance influence in Damn Arms and the punk influence in GLOVES.
Damn Arms was way before GLOVES. Though I have been tinkering with production and solo music for a couple of years, I only decided to start showing people about nine months ago, which is when I took the name GLOVES.

Yeah I enjoy and listen to lots of genres of music but I’ve come from somewhat of an indie/punk background and Damn Arms definitely aspires to be a band making ‘dance’ music. It makes both projects sound rather confusing though I’m sure!

Will GLOVES be influencing the sound of Damn Arms’ second record, or perhaps Damn Arms’ is a constant inspiration for GLOVES-
Well I’m producing the next Damn Arms recording (released in April through Cutters) along with Dan Whitford (Cut Copy) and Ben Browning (Damn Arms guitarist) so Damn Arms will certainly have some GLOVES influence in the sound in a production sense. Of course everything I do, see, hear, feel and observe everyday is a constant inspiration for GLOVES – Damn Arms is more like the bane of my existence, hahaha.

Have you remixed any Damn Arms tracks, or do you stay clear of that-
Not as yet…I will likely remix something for Damn Arms this year. I’m generally a perfectionist so I’m scared to think about how much time I would probably spend on a mix for my own band. Could be dangerous. Actually it will be quite weird and fun to remix something that I originally did the production for also. Think I just talked myself into it!

Word on the street is that you’ll be releasing a record through Japanese label Klee/Rallye. Is this true-
Yeah it shouldn’t be too far off. Just need to finish off some of the songs and then sort out the finer points (i.e. artwork), probably should be out around June. We’re looking at doing an EP with four originals on vinyl and CD. Maybe a remix or two as bonus tracks! Actually Dead Skin is coming out as a one-sided 12 Inch in Europe Monday 4 February – it’s being released on Dr. Lektroluv’s imprint of the N.E.W.S. label in Belgium. I’ve been a big fan of the compilations that Dr.Lektroluv has released so it’s really flattering to have him as a fan.

So what got you into the DJing side of things-
I was always heavily obsessed with finding new music and particularly music that makes people move. Wow, way too much time rummaging through record stores! Plus I’ve always loved dancing. I was getting asked to DJ at parties a lot for friends because of my music knowledge, then all of a sudden some of these friends were running some nights so I started playing at those…it’s really stepped up a big level since GLOVES started though.

WHAT: Plays Trashbags at Yu
WHEN: Saturday 9 February