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Gameboy/Gamegirl - Game On

Author: Angus Thompson
Thursday, 20 March 2008
3D’s Angus Thompson gets sweaty with Gameboy/Gamegirl’s Jessica Hopcraft to the sounds of their debut EP Golden Ghetto Sex.

“I guess people can think whatever they want. But, more so than anything, we just want them to realise that it’s not like we’re actually up there thinking we’re producing fucking life-changing music, we’re just trying to have a bit of fun. And, you know, we’re doing pretty well, considering.”
A musical discussion with Gameboy/Gamegirl’s Jessica Hopcraft inevitably leads to the word “fun” used repeatedly. It’s the tacit motif that tingles the spine of ‘coochie club’ – the name the Melbournian foursome have dubbed their abominable mix of hip hop and electro that is giving Australian the sweaty-wet.
It’s music for the attention deficit. Minimal hooks slung in repetition at you, it thrusts you onto its lap, smacking you relentlessly and telling you how it is, like the bad baby that you are.
A glimpse at the superficial foursome divulges a group unashamedly doused in the height of electroclash. On stage exercise bikes are ridden to creamy bass lines laid down by Ben Plant, aka Miami Horror, while Chris Tranter routinely strips from his metallic spandex in front of a crowd salivating for sleaze.
With seemingly choreographed antics, you may be forgiven for thinking of the triple j Unearthed winners as shrink-wrapped, packaged and ready to go. But Hopcroft’s capricious responses downplay any calculated agenda to sell the latest in kitsch-cool.
“We just look like little white kids trying to do like, hip hop, and failing but it’s still cute ’cause we try it, I guess,” she says.
“We’re obviously probably not going to be around forever, but we’re just trying to do something fun that the kids want to dance to.

“Until recently I think it was a bit of a faux pas for kids to say that they were into commercial hip hop or that kind of thing. And it’s just kind of meshed with the electro scene, its meshed with the indie dance scene now, and its all kind of totally acceptable now.
“I love your stupid dancey stuff like Rhianna and all that kind of crap, and Justin Timberlake.”
Previously wandering the backstreet ghettos of the Melbourne indie scene, Gameboy/Gamegirl have since been thrust into centre stage, drawing crowds at major festivals like Parklife, Good Vibrations and the Big Day Out.
Perhaps the latest in grubby disco, the group are releasing their debut EP Golden Ghetto Sex through Ajax’s virgin label Sweat It Out before embarking on their first national ‘Sweat It Out’ tour, and have high hopes in a world tour later this year. 
The EP wields a collection of sordid tracks, including Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp, Pumps N Rumps and I Get __ In The Club, which all made it to top 10 positions in Beatport’s international top 100 chart last week. But Hopcroft elicits meekly that the goal wasn’t produce a stack of audio-porn.
“Sweaty Wet kind of came out of something really ridiculous, with Tranter’s mum saying that his cat had the sweaty-wet. Basically after that, because it blew up, it kind of scared us, so we knew that we had to have another song that was going to be similar – kind of catchy.
“I ran home, sat in front of the computer and wrote Fruit Salad pretty quickly, without realising that it was this ambiguous homo-erotic song…and that kind of grabbed us some different attention. Some gay websites are really into it and play it a lot…like, really weird German ones.”

WHO: Gameboy/Gamegirl
WHAT: Golden Ghetto Sex through Sweat It Out/Central Station/MRA / Play Candy’s Apartment
WHEN: Out now / Friday 11 April