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Gui Boratto - It's A Gui's World

Author: 3D
Monday, 18 February 2008
Brazilian DJ/producer Gui Boratto is responsible for the massive hit of last year, Beautiful Life. Now you can hear it by the man in the flesh at Laundry. 3D probed with a few questions.

Depending on the source, word on the street is that you started your career in architecture or advertising… Is this true- How did you get into music then-
Yes, I’m an architect and since I was nine I was involved around music.
Just started doing music for publicity, but some years later, just decided to produce my own music, my own techno.

You work for many Brazilian record labels overseeing international licensing as well as running your own independent label, Mega Music. You must be inundated with new music… Who are a couple of artists that you’re enjoying at the moment, particularly on your label-
My label no longer exists. I quit doing that for more than three years. Now I barely have time to dedicate on my things. I have many gigs all over the world, and have to administrate time to produce. Plus, take care of my family, my wife and my little three-year-old daughter Valentina. But I can’t stop doing or even listening to music of course. There are so many artists out there I really admire. Robert Babicz is one of them.

Your track Beautiful Life came in at number 24 on Pitchfork’s top songs of 2007. Pitchfork are known as being quite difficult and very American indie rock focussed, so how does this achievement feel-
I’m glad about it. Especially because on the list there’s many pop artists like Rihanna among others. Really happy!

The song has a certain feeling of euphoria when listening to it. Is this what you were trying to achieve- It certainly feels like the perfect song to be dancing to at sunset…
Of course…just think about the lyrics. How could I be sad with the vocal singing “What a Beautiful Life, What a Beautiful Love…”-

What is this Anunciación that you’re releasing through Kompakt very soon-
It’s my new 12 Inch on K2 label. It’s my “return” on Konpakt. I haven’t released a single on Kompakt since Gate 7, which came out around August 2006.

Your album Chromophobia came out last year – is it too soon to be working on more original material- Have you any remixes on the horizon-
It’s not too soon. I’m starting to produce my new album, which will be out (hopefully) in September this year. I have to be focus on my free time on the studio.

Is this your first trip to Australia- What are you looking forward to the most-
I’ve just arrived. Really looking forward to see this beautiful country. Really excited. Let’s see…today I’m going to Jorn Utzon’s Opera House!

WHO: Gui Boratto
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 23 February