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High Contrast - Stark Contrast

Author: Rezo
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Stumbling on music was something of an accident for Lincoln Barrett, aka High Contrast, as he claims he had no interest in music until he was 17, as 3D’s Rezo discovers.

“I was actually really into film making and short film since I was about 11,” he admits. “It was off the back of that that I got into drum n bass. It was the other kids in my class that liked it. But it hit me as this kind of cinematic music. It was something where I could take a line of dialogue from Scarface and Taxi Driver and put it into music – and I really thought I could get involved with this! At the same time I was getting online and finding a wealth of samples and beats to stimulate me with. It all sort of coincided. Here’s something I can do without answering to a film crew and it’s kind of a singular element, something you’re responsible for essentially on your own.”

And ever since, Lincoln has made a career out of impressing and surprising not just the jocks in the drum n bass circle, but also those well outside of it. Doing mixes for Mixmag and Fabric may be evidence of achievement but when Missy Elliot comes knocking on your door for a remix, you know you have made it.

Nevertheless, he is surprisingly bashful about his success; he prefers to keep doing what he does without too much of a focus on all the success and fame.

“I’ve just released the third album on Hospital Records now,” he says. “It’s called Tough Guys Don’t Dance! I’ve also started making a few music videos as well; these are for my own tunes and some for other people as well. I’m also keeping up with the remixes.”

Indeed, Tough Guys… is the work he’s most satisfied with.

“This is the album I love the most, I have to say,” he admits. “I feel like there’s kind of a past, present and future. There are tunes on there that have an old school sound. I was trying to tap into the early ’90s jungle vibe, with songs like Tread Softly and If We Ever – but with the same sort of elements you’d expect from a High Contrast tune. There are others too, where I try to push the envelope and do things people wouldn’t normally expect from me. I try to take it to the next level but this wasn’t a conscious thing while I was writing or something I’d thought of in advance. It’s just something that happened, I guess.”

WHO: High Contrast
WHAT: Plays Good Vibrations, Centennial Park
WHEN: Saturday 16 February