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Ian Carey On Climate Fest

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 25 March 2008
Ian Carey is a name synonymous with house music the world over. Now the statesman is doing his bit for the world – the environment to be specific – when he hits Oz for the Climate Festival.

You’re coming to Australia to play Climate Festival. What are your thoughts on the issue-
I think it’s a great idea for the festival.  A good cause, a good line-up. I’m sure it will be well received and will be a great party.

You’ve been a key player in the global house scene for years now – how has it evolved, in your opinion-
Mainly music trends change, the clubs are still the same – it’s just the sounds [that] change, formats [that] change, ie from vinyl to CD/digital. I think in general dance music has become a bit more popular globally in the last few years, especially in developing countries. The “new” territories for dance music, Eastern Europe, Russia, North Africa etc. are really taking off right now…

You began your DJing career in Baltimore whilst at university, how did the club scene back then differ from today- For instance, was the sound now known as Baltimore club as big as it is now-
Honestly, I don’t know much about the club scene now in Baltimore, as I haven’t been to/played at a club there for about seven or eight years. About Baltimore club music…it was never really my thing but it’s always been popular in Baltimore, for many years. Mainly with the inner-city black crowd, it’s crazy to see it (being so “local”) being recognised overseas.

Your father was a sound engineer who worked with the likes of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and Kool and the Gang. How much did he shape your career-
I got good early experience from hanging with him as a youngster. I learned the basics of audio, which made learning production a tad easier. Its’ also just in the blood I reckon…

What production are you working on at the moment- Have you any full-length releases in the pipeline-
I have a few more singles to release that are ready, and possibly at that time I will complete an album. It’s in the works.

Finally what can we expect from your set in Sydney- What are a few tunes you’re currently spinning-
Just fresh house music – some funky, some electro, some pumpin’, some deep, but always good music!

WHO: Ian Carey
WHAT: Plays Climate Festival, Big Top Luna Park
WHEN: Sunday 6 April