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Jon Rundell - 15 Minutes Of Fame

Author: Cyclone
Friday, 18 January 2008
He may be Carl Cox's protege, but Jon Rundell is making moves of his own. This summer the Brit will warm-up for Coxy at Big Day Out as well as support him at side-gigs. 3D's Cyclone had a good ol' chinwag.

Rundell is DJing at the mega-fest for just 15 minutes - a challenge for any DJ.

“I've got some edits that I've been working on, and some intro-y things, so basically the 15 minutes is gonna be more about me doing a prolonged 'Carl introduction',” he laughs.

Rundell, who toured with 2007's Future Music Festival, is building his profile.
He began DJing in the mid-'90s. Back then he was into hard house. Today he favours DJing across the spectrum of tech-house, progressive and breakbeat, much like Coxy.

“I started out as a slightly harder DJ than now,” Rundell recalls. “I guess we all do when we're younger - we like our music harder and faster 'cause it's rebellious. But, as time has gone on, I've learnt to appreciate all styles of music - and all styles of dance music.”

If pressed, he describes his music as “uplifting techno”. Rundell first encountered Coxy years ago.

“I used to go to events that he'd be playing at, especially when I started producing music, and I would give him cassettes of my music - I was using tapes 'cause it was that long ago!” he says.
Rundell occasionally heard his hero drop the demos. The then label manager of Cox's Intec Records eventually contacted him to sign his music. When the same guy left, he recommended Rundell as his replacement. Rundell settled into the role in 2006. He works closely with Carl - and still pinches himself.

“Now I find myself sitting here and DJing with him and making music that he plays all the time,” Rundell muses. “It's been like a dream come true, to be honest!”

Rundell continues to produce, releasing his Dirty Disco EP on Intec. Last year another EP surfaced on Trevor Rockcliffe's label. He also remixed Sebastien Leger's Bad Clock. Rundell is currently in negotiations with big labels to pick up his electro house cover of an old classic. And, to his surprise, he's issuing music on Paul Van Dyk's Vandit, the German an important champion. Rundell will collaborate with Cox in the studio after their Australian touring commitments.
He maintains that Cox's decision to spend chunks of time Down Under isn't “an issue” for him or Intec. That said, the label is on hiatus.

“We're having a bit of a break at the moment,” he says. “We haven't put anything out for a little while. We're trying to find something that's gonna be really special to come back with, and then keep releasing different styles and things that we really believe in and feel strongly about.

“The label has always been there to support new artists. We're just trying to find those guys and hopefully put them on the map and help them progress - give them exposure. But finding that real 'stand-out' factor is not as easy as it sounds!”

WHO: Jon Rundell
WHAT: Plays warm-up set for Carl Cox at Big Day Out, Sydney Showgrounds / Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Friday 25 January / Saturday 26 January