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Joris Voorn - Voorn To Be Wild

Author: Rezo
Friday, 14 March 2008
It’s true that when you force something down somebody’s throat, they’re going to get good at it. Just ask David Helfgott. (You all saw Shine, right-) Well, Jooris Voorn is good at music, as 3D’s Rezo explains.

Voorn’s good at music, it’s that simple. He’s a musician who knows his craft intimately. He doesn’t mess around with being a maybe…this guy is serious business.

“It’s true,” he says. “I did come from a very musical family. My father is a concert pianist and composer so as kids we were all forced to play instruments when we were young. It wasn’t always nice but it’s just something we did. As I got into my teenage years I got a bit tired of all the guitars and violins. I was a teenager and I was starting to enjoy dance music: The Chemical Brothers and Underworld with their rock’n’roll crossover style. It was great to dance to and it opened up a new world of music that I had never experienced before.”

So he did what all the greats did before him. He rose forth to accept his first set of turntables and a swag of electronic equipment. You can catch photos of him hugging his trusty Roland 101 around the place. He still has his 303 and 909 in the studio somewhere.

“I still love all of my early instruments. There was a time where I used to collect them,” he says. “They’re still standing in my apartment, however I do most of my work on the computer nowadays. It’s easier, plus the kind of music I make doesn’t depend so much on it. I’m trying to do things a different way with the plugins and software I use – things like Ableton and Cubase.”

Today Voorn juggles time between being a live performer (his live PA is a world beater), a super-tight DJ and a visionary producer.

“I actually really enjoy all of those things – as a producer you make music and it’s great to play and test it out on a crowd.”

And he knows what crowds here expect of him.

“Something I remember about Australian crowds is that the people there are really into the music. Like, I mean intensely into music,” he says. “They like to hear a lot of different things and they are an interesting audience. They’re smart and they love to party so it’s really the perfect combination. I hope to play a lot of classics but also a bunch of new tracks, which I’m finishing up before I get there.”

WHO: Joris Voorn
WHAT: Plays Ladylux / Bread & Butter Boat Party
WHEN: Thursday 20 March / Friday 21 March