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Julie McKnight - Oh What A McKnight

Author: Rezo
Friday, 14 March 2008
She have a massive night planned this Easter Sunday, with Marshall Jefferson on the bill as Julie mcknight does live pa on the night with Jay Omega. 3D caught up with soulstress Mcknight.

When you were recording Finally did you have a sense that it would be as popular as it has been-
Well I can say that I knew I was delivering a very sincere piece as Jay [Sealee] wrote it from a sincere place as we were transitioning into the new millennium. It was multi-conceptual in perspective and I was truly aware and inspired by the importance of the song to me personally, and I delivered it from my very core. You can only pray people will listen and be inspired and you can reach out and touch as many as possible when you believe you have a truly honest message to share.

You’ve done your own production with the track Home, are you working on an artist album-

Home was actually produced and written by Jay Sealee as well, as was Diamond Life (in collaboration with Louie Vega). Yes, indirectly. I currently [perform] lead vocals on the majority of vocal tracks on Jay Omega’s album, Party in a Box. We will be debuting our lead single Complicated during our tour of Australia. It will be a chance for the people to hear me on a heavy urban production, where I am probably most comfortable as I come from a heavy RNB background. It’s fantastic as it has a very dark, rock edge to it as well, which allows me to showcase my fluctuating musical personality and give a bit of my darker bad girl side all at the same time!

What else have you been working on recently-
Outside of the Party in a Box project I have a world music album project I did the majority of in Brazil, which is near completion.

What are some of the tracks you’ll be performing or the live PA at SHE in Sydney-

I will perform Home, Diamond Life, Finally and as I said, will do a special debut performance at SHE of my new lead single by Jay Omega, Complicated, accompanied by Jay!

Finally, this will be your first trip out to Australia, what’s on your to do list-
Outside of looking to be in close quarters with the well-fabled fantastic people of Australia during my performance, between media visits I hope to simply soak up as much of the local people, food, and Aussie culture! That’s what life’s all about at the end of the day, isn’t it- Music, friends old and new, good times, and lifes new experiences we are lucky enough to share when the opportunity is presented.

WHO: Julie McKnight
WHAT: Plays SHE Easter Sunday Special
WHEN: Sunday 23 March