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Kaskade - In Mysterious Ways

Author: 3D
Friday, 18 January 2008
Behind one of last year’s biggest releases, Kaskade is a house hero. Now you can catch him playing at Sounds. 3D asked him a few Qs.

Has travelling all over the world now become part of your routine-
Yes it has, and it is one of the cooler benefits of the occupation.

Do you now find yourself making music on a laptop when you’re on the road- Does this make things difficult at all-
Yeah, I have been using my laptop more and more over the years to try and take advantage of the time on the road. It is really my only option as I am on the road over 200 days out of the year. I do think it has changed my sound. Instead of working in a proper room where I can call in a vocalist or musician when I need, I sit in a hotel with headphones on. It is a very different state of mind and I am forced to rely on the few pieces of software that I carry on my laptop.

What was it like playing Manila- We’re guessing it was stinking hot-

I love playing in the Philippines; they really have passion for music. People are so excited and it seems as though everyone knows all the words to the songs. It was cool to see thousands sing along to my songs.

You were once named one of the ‘Three Most Influential DJs in America’ – what way, then, would you most like to influence other DJs-
In the underground, things get too segregated between genres – all of that needs to relax and everyone should respect good music.

You once said that people tend to think your songs are love songs – which gave you your album title for Love Mysterious. Are you more conscious of that theme in the lyrics in your songs these days-
On that album it was more of a running theme that seemed to embody the vibe, thus the title. But beyond that I don't really think about it much. I just write stuff that I am feeling or experiencing.

Dirty South’s remix of your track Sorry has been nominated for a Grammy this year – is this as exciting for you as it is Dirty South-
Yeah of course it is. It is cool to see a song that I wrote the lyrics and melody to make it into the Grammys. Dirty South did an amazing job on the remix and I am happy that he is getting the recognition that he deserves. Ironically I will not be able to attend the ceremony, as I will be in route back to the US from my Australia shows.

So what’s planned for your return to Australia and beyond-
Hands in the air.

WHO: Kaskade
WHAT: Plays Sounds on Sunday at Greenwood Hotel
WHEN: Sunday 20 January