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Kevin Griffiths - He's Tsubamassive

Author: 3D
Friday, 8 February 2008
You have been the A&R for Berlin’s Fine Records. Did you move to Germany for this role or were you there beforehand-
I was actually based in the London office and went to Berlin around once a month. That was one of the ideas really behind the label, to have two different musical perspectives from London and Berlin. I worked closely with Tiefschwarz on A&R for Fine and they would play in London every few weeks so it worked out well.

You launched your label, Tsuba, in 2006. How does it feel having total control of your project-
Having my own label has been very rewarding and it does make a big difference being in control of everything. I sign records that I would play as a DJ and work with artists I consider to be friends. The market can be tough with distributors going bust left, right and centre and it’s a lot of work but it’s a very rewarding job. The label really opens doors and I’m doing a Tsuba party at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in March with Peace Division, spencer parker and Bearweasel. I have a date in Barcelona two days before and two in Mexico just after it so it’s going to be quite a hectic week!

You’re resident at issst, a well-known London electro party. Does your involvement with the club go beyond simply DJing there- We notice you mixed a compilation for the club last year…
I started issst with Tiefschwarz when I was at Fine and when I left I wanted to continue with the night so they let me have the name. I then asked my good friend Bobby M to be my partner and since then it’s taken on a life of its own. Last year we did about eight big warehouse parties in London which has really established us as one of the main underground parties. We also did our second compilation album with Global Underground, a double CD which I mixed. This year we have a residency at the End and at T Bar in London and will be doing some one-off parties in unusual locations.

Are you working on any original productions at the moment- What about remixes-
I’m working on my second EP at the moment, which I’m aiming to have out before the summer on Tsuba. My remix of Steve Lawler is out in February and is being played by Loco Dice, Konrad Black, John Digweed, Martin Landsky and D’Julz amongst others, which is great! I have 2 other remixes in the bag for Dakotta and Motorcitysoul, both of which I’m really happy with. I’ve got the bug now and do a lot of it on my laptop so I can work when I’m away.

WHO: Kevin Griffith
WHAT: Plays Lost Baggage at The Cross
WHEN: Saturday 16 February