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Kid Kenobi - It's Gonna Be Well-Wickid

Author: 3D
Monday, 7 April 2008
We’re getting super excited about kid kenobi holding down a residency at club club, his first in, like, years. So let’s have a chat, shall we-

You’re going to be doing your first residency back in Sydney since…well, yeah, when exactly was your last residency here-
A long time ago. I don’t think I’ve had a proper residency since Sublime first moved to Home. I don’t even remember when that was. I did also have a monthly residency at Yu when Fuzzy did a breaks night called Hijack. Wow, even that’s, like, at least two or three years ago now!

Does this mean your touring days are over for now- You’re settling down, so to speak-
I don’t think you can really escape touring as a DJ. I wouldn’t call it settling down as much as shifting focus. The gigs are great, the travelling is fun, but after a while you really start to think there must be more to your life and your career than this. It begins to feel a bit like Groundhog Day after a while. The problem with gigs is that they are just so transient. I think I’ve got to the point in my career where I really want to start doing something ‘meaningful’ with what I’m doing – not just running all over the place playing gigs. You know, gigs come and go, but great music lasts forever. That’s the way I see it and that’s were I’m at right now. I am putting my energies into being an artist, not just a DJ. So yeah, I’ve had to shift my focus away from touring to being ‘grounded’ and getting myself into a proper studio routine that will allow me to make more music. I’m really enjoying waking up, going to the gym, and spending eight hours on writing music. I’m feeling more fulfilled creatively than I have in years.

What twisted your arm and made you choose Club Club at Chinese Laundry to be resident-

They didn’t have to twist at all. It’s probably the only club in Sydney I would really feel comfortable being resident at. It’s just so down to earth, no pretentions, and I feel pretty confident in saying it’s a club that really is about the music first and foremost. It’s such a nice change not having to worry about freaking a crowd out with what you’re playing.

Will your sets be what we’ve come to expect from Kid Kenobi, or are you going to be taking these nights as a chance to try other things-
A bit of both. I’m definitely looking at the Laundry as an opportunity to try out new things, especially with so much production work on at the moment. It’s going to be a great testing ground for whatever I’m working on.

What about releases- It’s been ample enough time since you dropped your previous record, Kid Kenobi Sessions, last year. Have you got anything on the horizon-
Yep, another mix-CD in the pipeline, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s going to have a lot of my remixes and original stuff on there.

Project-wise I’m doing my solo stuff, I’ve got a new collaboration with Jono Fernandez called JFKK which has a slight noisey French edge to it, a new one with my bro which focuses on a more urban, Crookers/Baltimore sound (our first remix is pretty much an early ’90s rave tune though!), as well as a new solo outlet called Kosmic Kids (formerly ‘Jesse’) which is going to be all my deeper stuff.

Release wise I have a remix of The Lake by Muscles coming out in Australia on Modular in May, I have a remix of Melbourne band Braindead Lovers and their track Sappers Appetite (coming out as Braindead Lovers vs Kid Kenobi) which is out now, a remix with my bro of Rack Hunters by the Pooh Crew coming out on Bam Bam Musik, plus remixes I’m just starting now for the Resin Dogs, the Galvatrons, and My Ninja Lover. So yeah, like I said, not settling down, just shifting focus. And loving it.

WHO: Kid Kenobi
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturdays