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King Roc - Time To Roc

Author: 3D
Monday, 7 April 2008
3d’s rezo talks to martin dawson, aka king roc, about working in reverse.

Basically it started for Dawson at 14 when he started playing guitar. He was into rock music in his early youth. And plenty of years on, his enthusiasm hasn’t waned. If anything, it’s been on an exponential rise.

“I was in a college band which was a lot of fun, but inevitably it’s about finding a group of people who have the same mindset. We went through some phases and one of the guys was a drummer who became Rogue Element and another who is now Nick Sentience.” Dawson says. “We went in a techno direction and then I realised I was more into house and electro and that became the King Roc moniker. It’s been a long time.”

Dawson claims he’s always liked tech and house because of its atmosphere. After being in a band, there was a lot of pressure on him being so young and he preferred the more relaxed world of house music.

“The music right now is quite innovative,” he says. “It was dull and repetitive for a period – it stopped being forward thinking. The Welcome to the Mutual Society album was born of the success of King Roc basically. I had remix offers and the success from that meant I was earning good money from remixing and being a DJ. But then I lost the juice – I got my first bit of writer’s block for the first time in my life. I felt pretty empty really and I knew I was approaching things from the wrong angle. I started treating it as a job rather than something that requires creative thinking. I stepped back from it and had a long hard think about doing an album that was focused. I wanted to do it on my own label and was disillusioned by what was out there. So I came up with this idea of doing an album in reverse. I wanted to write a dance album, but also eclectic music, and came up with the ideas of doing five EPs. Telling stories and themes I’ve come across and those I find interesting.”

It is certainly a new approach to studio work and harks back to the extremely successful Earth series produced and compiled by LTJ Bukem in the breaks genre.

“At the end, I’ll take 15 or 20 tracks and take the best bits and create an album out of that. I’m done with EP four now and it’s on the way and I’ve also started to work on the album. I’ve also had ideas about incorporating that into the live show with that element of uncertainty. That’s why I think being a DJ can be so inspirational and I’ve decided to release probably a double album. One is down-tempo, more like a chill-out, the other will be more like a live show. But it’s constantly evolving – nothing is set in stone. I want to bring a new level of connectivity to it. Tell a story and approach it from a different angle. I’ve found myself inspired again by it all.”

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