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Kissy Sell Out - Pucker Up

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Friday, 11 April 2008
Kissy Sell Out staked a claim as king of the electro bootleg. But with his Mashed CD about to drop, and his debut album expected later this year, he’s far from content. As Essex’s finest export tells 3D’s Carlisle Rogers, his future is on the road less travelled.

For the fourth instalment of Ministry of Sound’s electro-soaked Mashed series, Kissy Sell Out and The Aston Shuffle take a disc each and make some noise.

Both CDs feature no less than 26 tracks, which means these guys are blazing through the songs. “When I DJ live I re-edit everything,” explains Kissy, “so everything is shorter and gets to the point a lot quicker. There is nothing I hate more than a ten-minute tune that doesn’t do anything.

“I try not to completely play all my own stuff during a set, but what I’m really proud of in regards to this mixed CD is that it conveys a lot of my favourite things and a sense of my personality. It starts off with the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack, it’s got a track from the Rules of Attraction soundtrack as well, and a track from a famous rave DJ from the UK. There are a couple of drum n bass tunes at the end which represent what influenced me most when I was growing up.”

Growing up, for Kissy, meant listening to a mix of grunge, garage and rave music, which is kind of what his sets end up being these days. “I grew up in a place called Essex and it’s famous for people driving around with big bassline tunes coming out of their cars. I’ve listened to a lot of speed garage and drum n bass, which explains my DJ style and why I bring an air horn to all my sets. When I was at home I used to listen to lots of grunge acts, Sonic Youth and Nirvana and stuff.”

Kissy says he likes making life hard for himself, which explains why he doesn’t just kick out a new club hit every week, instead trying to nail the perfect song for his long awaited debut artist project. “It’s all coming, it’s just taking a while because my album is quite a departure from what I’ve been doing previously. I’m writing songs now and embracing a lot of the music I grew up listening to like Tears for Fears, Simple Minds and some modern influences as well. It’s going to be quite cool. If it’s hard to have a successful track that doesn’t have loads of repetition in it, then all the better.

“I’ve always had principles I suppose and one of the main ones is lack of repetition. So when I reference bands that play songs, for me it’s just that there’s not a lot of repetition in their tracks. I suppose if incorporating songs into your tunes is a way to keep things fresh and interesting, then that’s what I’m doing.”

Meanwhile, Kissy’s putting out some remixes that are moving butts from London to Sydney, working with guys like Chromeo and Hadouken recently. “It’s nice doing remixes, but now I’ve got all the records on my wall not enough of them say ‘written by Kissy Sell Out.’ I’m looking forward to getting more of my own stuff out there and then eventually producing other people’s work.”

WHO: Kissy Sell Out
WHAT: Mashed Four tour at Chinese Laundry, Mashed Four through Ministry of Sound
WHEN: Saturday 26 April / out 19 April