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Koma & Bones - Spinnin' Burrito Brothers

Author: 3D
Thursday, 31 January 2008
3D caught up with UK breakbeat duo Koma and Bones in light of their Sydney show this week.

You’ve remixed many luminaries in the scene, from New Order to Kosheen to Crystal Method – do you have your eye on any Australian acts- Have any Australian DJs impressed you of late-
Really liking acts as diverse as bitrok, Riot in Belgium and Signal Drivers…I think that they are all Aussie- The Australian dance scene always amazes me – you’re so far away but bang up to date!

This isn’t your first time to Australia – what are you looking forward to mostly this time-
Same as always – playin’ records loud to a happy bunch of people.

You’ve taken a more French electro route more recently – what is it about the Gallic scene that inspires you so-
It’s not really about any country’s scene it’s more about just taking in new styles that sound great in a club environment. I think other ‘breaks’ DJs/producers are on a similar tip, with people like Adam Freeland, Alex Metric, and Evil Nine also seeing that acts such as Justice and Soulwax certainly have some relevance to our scene.

Do you see breakbeat coming back in a new mutated form in ten to twenty years- Do you think you’ll be a part of that if and when it happens-
Personally I already think that it has mutated. Acts that I have named previously and ourselves are tryin’ to push things along different routes. Meat Katie and his sound also bring something different to the table. Hopefully people can see that for a scene to keep going it must have more than just one sound.

Your label is called Burrito…can we assume you have a fondness for Mexican food-

More just a fondness for the word itself – just like how it sounds. Crap answer but true.

Can you tell us a little about what’s on the horizon for Burrito-
We have a new single lined up for March, Fade in ’08, which features an Albino Allstars remix as well as a mix by an act we found on MySpace, TORSO.x. After that we should be back to our usual release a month, just looking into signing a couple of tracks before I come out on tour – fingers crossed.

And what about you guys – what productions are you working on at the moment-
We have just finished a remix for Lot49 of a Dylan Rhymes and Blende track named Stars. The one I mentioned in the last question, Fade in ’08, and when I return from the tour we are hoping to finish off our third album – possibly for release later this year.

So what can we expect from your sets in Australia- Will they be something like your Summer 07 mix-up on your MySpace-
I think that’s a fair pointer of were we are at. Obviously I wont be playin’ that mix!
Let’s just say that I’m coming out there to try and give people a great night down at their club – if they enjoy it, so will I.

WHO: Koma and Bones
WHAT: Playing The Cross
WHEN: Friday 8 February