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Kutski - Kuttin' It Up

Author: Clare Dickins
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
John Kutski likes to cut shit up. Like contemporaries Eddie Halliwell and Gleave, the 23-year-old is injecting hard dance with a technical dynamism that’s leaving his bland beat mixing buddies for dead. 3d’s Clare Dickins spoke with the man.

Wind the clock back and you started as a turntablist. Who inspired you to hone your skills-
Originally it was all the hardcore and drum n bass DJs that scratched, like Hype, Si, Hixxy, Brisk etc. But as I got more into the whole turntablism thing Spinbad, Z-Trip, and Shadow taught me a lot about how to use the trick to compliment the music.

Do you think the hard dance scene suffers from a lack of experimentalism-

In a way, as I’m very open-minded about music in general, I’d personally be more than happy to listen to loads of genres of music in one set, but in reality, people go to hard dance club to hear hard dance music. The fact that I get away with what I do in the scene is a testament to how open-minded hard dance actually is.

Do you follow the current crop of emerging turntablists such as Rafik and Netik-
I don’t follow the DMC Championships as closely as I used to, but the two guys you mentioned are representing particularly well. But personally I think the DMCs was at its peak 10 years ago when the likes of Craze and all the Scratch Perverts were running the show. But I would say that being from the UK!

You seem to enjoy taking the piss quite a bit. Does the industry take itself too seriously-
Completely. I love reading all the hype everyone puts out about themselves! Like the world should bow down to their almighty presence… It’s like, dude, you are playing records, get over yourself! If you’re that good, people will talk about you – you don’t have to spoon-feed people hype these days, they’ll know a good DJ when they hear one!

Do you enjoy listening to much hip hop outside the hard dance scene-

Absolutely. I love so much different stuff, and I go through phases listening to different style from ’60s soul and funk to industrial speedcore. At the moment I’m really into Dubstep; producers like Skream and Plastician are killing it, with really heavy beats and bass lines. I’ve always had a love for music in general, and the more I experiment with other styles, the more I feel I can bring to the table when I’m doing my hard dance thing.

Production-wise, what’s next on the table-

I’m currently working with hardcore producer Alistair Storm, and we’re working on some crazy genre-defying hard dance tracks, from techy stuff to full on hardstyle, and these cuts have been getting wide support from Dana to Anne Savage! No plans for a label of our own or anything yet, but we’ll see how the year progresses…

WHO: Kutski
WHAT: Plays Q-Dance at Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Thursday 20 March