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Lady Saw - What Lady Saw

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Lady Saw is a veteran from the glory days of dancehall. The genre is renowned for being male-dominated, but, as 3D found, she wasn't about to let that get in her way.

You're known for your outspoken attitude and sexually explicit lyrics and performances - wasn't there an attempt to ban you from performing in a particular parish in the '90s-
I wasn't actually banned, the mayor of Montego Bay Jamaica was trying to ban me from performing there but didn't succeed.

So what are the issues you tackle in your lyrics, which have gotten people so flustered- And do you think male performers get away with more-
I like to tackle topics about infertility, older men who take advantage of young girls, politics and double standards that females encounter in today's society. Yes, the boys get away with a whole lot of things on the other hand we females (especially myself) get chastised for being outspoken.

You've shared the mic with the likes of Missy Elliott, Eve, Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown - do you think that the climate has changed for female artists-
I can't speak for other females but what I know is, since I came out and reached this level of success, record producers are recording more females. Before I got into the business females were not getting much attention or recognition like they get now - I broke down that barrier and made it possible for them to have it a little easier.

Is there one track of yours that, lyrically, sums up your personal philosophy-
Big Up on the Walk Out album gives props to everyone that has played a part in my career and shows I didn't forget where I came from. Some artists get a few local hits and start acting like they got there alone.

When did you realise that the US was sitting up and taking notice of your music- Did that change things for you-
I realised that when they compared Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim to me and realised they got part of their inspiration and style from me.
It changed things for me when artists from all over the world wanted to collaborate with a female in dancehall and it was me specifically they were interested in working with. The collaboration I did with No
Doubt and Gwen Stefani on Underneath it All earned me a Grammy and took my career to another level.

Walk Out, was a great success, and some time in the making. Were you happy with the finished product-
Yes I am happy with the finished product it shows the many sides of Lady Saw, who does have a soft and personal side. There is something for everyone on this album.

WHO: Lady Saw
WHAT: Walk Out through VP Records
WHEN: Out now