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MC Whizzkid - Sorted For Es and Whizz

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Hardcore DJ/producer MC Whizzkid is heading our way, and judging by his eclectic taste, we can expect the unexpected. 3D caught up with the Brit.

You went to your first rave in the early ’90s. Obviously, where you are today is a result of this event, so run us through your memories of the night…

I remember walking into this huge field, surrounded by thousands of ravers stomping the night away. It truly was unbelievable, everyone was friendly, I’d never really experienced anything like that before. I worked my way through the crowd to the front of the stage and stood watching in sheer amazement all night. The DJ, the MC, dancers, lasers and lights... That night changed my life.

Was it an immediate desire to get into music- How long did it take you to get your first gig-

I’d been interested in music since I could speak really, and luckily my family encouraged this. I learnt how to play various instruments, and soon got into hip hop, RNB, and soul. I used to write raps and songs to the instrumentals of 7 Inch singles around at the time. After I discovered hardcore music, my then interests switched, and I knew that being a top hardcore MC was what I wanted to do, more than anything. I suppose, it took a couple of years doing demos and friends local parties before I got my first gig. But finally in 1995, I got a call asking me to do an early set at a small club. The rest is, as they say, history.

What productions are you working on at the moment-
At the moment, back in the UK, DJs Sy & Unknown, Dougal & Gammer and Supreme & Sunset Regime, have an album out called True Hardcore. It’s hosted by MC Storm and myself, which is the first time that has been done in modern day hardcore music. People said MCs on albums would never work. Well, the first album got to number six in the national UK compilation charts, and we are just about to start the second album on my return from Oz. Hopefully, after the huge success of the first, the second instalment should smash it even bigger!

Tell us about your side projects. We hear you’re dabbling in a bit of hip hop, RNB and indie-
Yeah, I like to keep things fresh, and as you have read I love music. I’ve just done a track with an indie band, who I cant mention at the mo, but the feedback has been awesome. Also I’ve just done a hip hop/breakbeat style track with the legendary Liquid, who had chart fame with Sweet Harmony etc. That looks set to be big as well. I had a hip hop track on a British movie called Car-Jack, in one of the main scenes. Again, loads going on, but I don’t wanna bore you so I’ll just say it’s fantastic being lucky enough to do this job, and working with different genres of music that I’m passionate about.

WHO: MC Whizzkid
WHAT: Plays Planet Manic, Sydney Olympic Park
WHEN: Saturday 2 February