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Malente - He Comes To Party

Author: Cyclone
Thursday, 10 January 2008
German electro/breakbeat DJ/producer Malente is heading to Australia this month for a string of shows, so we got Cyclone on the dial with him to talk shop.

Germany’s Christoph Gottsch, aka Malente, may champion electro house, yet he remains a relative outsider within the country’s hipster club scene. Conceivably this is because, with his background in funk, Malente favours quirky party tracks over colder minimal sounds. After all, the DJ’s mantra is “no puristic bullshit.”

But then Gottsch also resides in Munster, resisting any pull to Berlin.

He’s attached to Munster partly because his girlfriend is studying medicine nearby. Still, Malente concedes that the city has nothing to offer as far as clubs. “Munster is a bit like a dead city,” he says.

In fact, Munster is heavily populated with students, “but they don’t have any clue about music,” instead tuning into the mainstream. Malente accepts that Munster is, beyond its historical beauty, rather boring. “It’s not like Hamburg or Munich or Berlin – it’s just a smaller city.”

Regardless, Malente, whose handle was inspired by his birthplace in northern Germany, is a regular visitor to Australia. His 2004 album We Came To Party, which actually comprised mostly older tracks, was given a concerted push Down Under.

Malente is spending summer in the antipodes, premiering his live show on the festival circuit. “I like their enthusiasm,” he says of the Australian punters. “They really love to party. They love to have a good time. They enjoy new music that they haven’t heard before. It’s an open-minded, very good crowd. I love to come.”

And Malente is into Australian dance, having lately remixed the Potbelleez.
While Gottsch played live at Field Day, he’s now DJing about town.

The German, impressed with the initial response to his live gig, envisages performing more widely in future. “It was just an idea when we offered it to Field Day,” he says. “When they picked it, I started working on it. If they hadn’t picked it, I maybe wouldn’t have done it. But since I started working on it, there were a lot of requests for that live thing. Maybe it’s now the time that people want some more live club music. I have the feeling that the live thing is coming back.”

Gottsch is an adventurer. He explored Europe by rail in his mid-teens, finding records en route. Musically, too, he’s open. Gottsch was raised on new wave, then embraced African-American music, and today listens to UK indie pop. (He’s currently enamoured with Ghost Frequency.) He began spinning breaks, gravitating to electro.

He’s presently plugging Whow, a hybrid mix-CD and compile of his best remixes, 2001 – 2007. It even encapsulates exclusive Malente material. His production could soon take a surprising direction. He’s been rediscovering the genesis of ’90s breakbeat.

“I just bought a lot of this Prodigy-like happy hardcore sound with all these cheesy synths and everything. I’m listening to that, also jungle – a lot of this very early breakbeat. You can find a lot of those sounds already in some of the new productions by Herve or Switch or these guys. I guess it will influence me on my next original production.”

WHO: Malente
WHAT: Whow through Unique/Creative Vibes / Plays Sounds on Sunday at Greenwood Hotel / Australia Day Weekend Harbour Cruise, Lady Rose
WHEN: Out now / Sunday 20 January / Sunday 27 January