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Mark Sherry - Makin' His Mark

Author: Clare Dickins
Thursday, 28 February 2008
It’s hard to imagine the man behind heavy Beat Masters public domain, Mark Sherry, comes from a small town just outside of Glasgow. 3D's Clare Dickins spoke to Sherry ahead of his Q-Dance appearance.

What are you cooking up at present-
I’m just back from playing the biggest gig of my career at Trance Energy at the weekend in Utrecht in Holland so I managed to get a few productions finished for that. One of them was a remix of a track called Chapter One by some wicked up and coming Estonian producers called Polymental. Another is a new remix I’ve done of one of my favourite modern classics by Kay D Smith and Marc Tall, called Praiseworthy Tunes. I did a remix specifically for Trance Energy without any clearance but it’s now been snapped up and ready to get released. I also made an intro track for my set but as yet it’s untitled. I’m also remixing for Scot Project, BK, Dave Schiemann and a few others this year too. There are loads more coming too.

How’s the Public Domain side of things going- What’s next up-
Yeah it’s all going great. We had another REALLY successful tour of Oz last September and had officially our best gig ever at Transmission in Sydney – it was just completely off the scale. We have a new single finished called Vibrations which you can hear on We are also in discussions about starting our own label too so more news on that soon.

Any more production work planned with our own Dave Willis-
Yeah we certainly have. I’m back on tour in Oz in March so I will be camping at Willis’ for a few weeks and being let out now and again to make tunes with him, haha. I’m really looking forward to it…he cracks me up man. He’s one of the coolest blokes I’ve ever met. He’s a nutter!

You’ve got a wealth of original productions under your belt. When are we going to see you do the live thing-
I do the live thing with Public Domain as you know so I’m not really interested in doing a live thing on my own. I love my DJing too much. It’s just great having the chance to go out and play my own tracks when I DJ because I put so many man hours into my production in the studio.

Any other news you’d like to share-
Yup, I’m slap bang in the middle of making an artist album so more news coming soon.

WHO: Mark Sherry
WHAT: Plays Q-Dance at Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Thursday 6 March