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Miami Horror - Oh The Horror!

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 May 2008
3D speaks with the exotic sounding electro fiend Miami Horror (actually based in Melbourne) ahead of his Sosoume birthday set.

You’re quite young to have such an accomplished discography of production, when did you first start writing tunes-
When I was 14/15 I started with loops, then experimented creating my own synth riffs. I used to play bass and guitar around that age too but found bands to be a whole lot of drama so started on my own projects as a hobby. By 18 I had written the first track on my current EP, it has just been delayed for quite some time.

Do you have a large collection of synths in your studio, or do you mostly use software plug-ins-
I wouldn’t say I have a large collection… I have found many software substitutes that are at least 90 per cent if not closer to the original hardware and in those cases often use them, otherwise I use hardware where appropriate. Usually I’m looking for a sound and a certain quality so what I use isn’t important as long as I reach it. I enjoy the feel and ease of hardware over a computer any day. It is inspirational in itself.

What’s the update on your upcoming EP, which may or may not be called Bravado-
Well it’s almost finished, it has to be done before I leave for overseas, so that is a good sign! I leave mid June. It’s looking good, definitely not made for the club, it’s made for people to listen to at home, car for fun etc. The decision has been made, it’s called Bravado.

You’ve remixed a pretty broad range of artists, including Faker, Tegan & Sara, Juggers and Soft Tigers – whose material do you have your eyes on as your ultimate remix opportunity-
Just some of the bigger international names, which is my next big step after the EP. Cut Copy would have been good and maybe another Juggs remix, but in the future I’m currently lined up for a Pnau remix and if all works as promised a Presets remix.

So when you DJ, is it mostly your own re-rubs and production mixed with the likes of Chromeo, Justice and Datarock, or do you sometimes go way out into crate-digging Italo house and batty disco territory-
Usually it is the former, I would love to be able to play more Italo, house, disco etc., which is what some people would expect who come to see me. It is possible in several Melbourne venues, but usually the kind of clubs I get booked in, Sydney especially, don’t allow for it. When it comes to me playing semi live sets in the future the venues will change, along with the strait DJ sets and other tracks I mix in.

WHO: Miami Horror
WHAT: Plays Sosueme’s First Birthday
WHEN: Friday 9 May at Qbar