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Midnight Juggers - Naut To Infinity

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Thursday, 28 February 2008
After a halcyon summer of festival appearances, capped by the coup de grace, Big Day Out, the Midnight Juggernauts have cemented 2008 as the year of the juggers with a new emi/Virgin deal in the US. To celebrate, they are doing a quick tour around Australia in March, with M83 from France supporting. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers caught up with drummer Daniel Stricker.

“I was just thinking the other day about what we were doing a year ago,” Stricker says. “I would have never guessed we would be where we are at or doing what we are doing. As a kid, I used to keep all my Big Day Out ticket stubs. I know that sounds so stupid, but I used to keep them all up on my wall. I had five or six years in a row. We all feel pretty lucky.”

Stricker says the March tour will be completely different than their summer gigs, with more experimentation, and more theatrics on stage. “We re-approach and basically re-write bits of the songs. We get together and completely deconstruct a song and then it changes live. If people see us at the Big Day Out now, it will be completely different than when they saw us the time before.

“I think we’re going to do more cinematic things on stage, because it’s in theatres and we want it to be quite theatrical, so we’ll probably do some new stuff. There are at least one or two tracks that we’ve been working on and never played live that we will play on that tour and we invited these guys called M83 from France to join us. They really fit that vibe, it’s not so much of a dance thing, it’s more of a cinematic, theatrical thing. So yes, it will different from what people are expecting.”

Confirmed for Coachella this year alongside a few musical luminaries, the Juggers have managed to engineer the perfect record deal with EMI/Virgin.

“We were talking to a lot of labels for a very long time and I don’t know if many people understand how it actually works, but it still comes out through our own record label, Siberia,” Stricker explains. “Basically our licence is our record label, so we do everything and we approve everything and EMI likes to facilitate it, but it’s still an indie mindset, or an indie way of doing things. We still have complete creative control and EMI just gets it out to a bigger audience, which is good for us and allows us to get our music out there. We paid for all our own overseas tours and we’ve done everything on our own just so we could get the right deal and now that we’ve got it, we’re all pretty happy.

WHO: Midnight Juggernauts
WHAT: Play Enmore Theatre
WHEN: Tuesday 11 March