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Mo'Funk - Signing Out

Author: Huwston
Monday, 31 March 2008
Sydney down-tempo and soul aficionado DJ Mo’Funk (or Moe Nunez to friends and family) has just recently jetted off overseas after a stint DJing in Ibiza in 2006. Huwston caught him packing his bags to find out why the dash was so important to him.

So, you are going overseas again – would you say you’ve been ‘bitten by the bug’ since you last trip-
Big time, I just want to see as much of the world as I can, I get bored of routine too easily so am looking forward to the year ahead!

How do you feel about the Australian cultural cringe-

Well, looking at clubbing culture I do cringe at what it’s become. Promoters seem to be reliant on what the new generation wants and it certainly provides for it; too much follow-the-pack boring nights which has led to no diversity. In an amazing city like Sydney how bizarre is that- It’s a horrible thought, hence why I’m outta here!

You’ve been outspoken in interviews before, has it cost you any of your gigs-
Perhaps. I wouldn’t really know 100 per cent. It’d be hilarious to know if promoters didn’t book me because of what I’ve said in interviews! Sure some of what I say may be misinterpreted, but I will always speak from the heart and am one of the few who has balls to say what a lot of you think. I’ve dedicated most of my life to many aspects of the music scene so I have a right to be critical of the industry.

After your support slot for DJ Shadow last year, you got an endorsement/sponsorship. Tell us about that-
Yes, M-Audio, the crew behind Torq DJ software, have made a big impact on the digital DJ scene. I have been doing showcases and seminars so far and it’s been great. It’s good to be recognised for something that I use, it brings my creative side out whenever I’m DJing and allows for many different possibilities to mixing music.

What do you hope to gain from your experiences overseas-
A better understanding of how music is appreciated through many different cultures and to also find where I need to be in order to feel satisfied with my career.

Did you ever think about, instead of leaving, contributing something like a record label or regular party to the Sydney scene-

Of course I did, but, in all honesty, I’m just over it. You will too if you did the week-in week-out DJ thing in the one city for so many years. There is no one locally who does what I do, I just can’t see my career scaling much higher in Sydney. Quite frankly, my eyes are set on a higher prize!

Your mix series have been very influential. Why do you think it’s a popular listen-
The Laidback series is an amazing listen because it’s made for times outside of clubs. It’s all down-tempo and chilled out music. That kind of sound is accessible to almost anyone, and I am really proud of that series. The Hip To House mix is a party mash-up set of all the sounds I’m known for playing, from hip hop to funk, party jams, breaks n beats and house, this is the best indication of what I’m known for. The term ‘mash-up’ is overused lately, listen to that to understand what it really means!

Any last shout outs-
Yeah, thanks to anyone who’s ever listened to us play, I am always grateful for the great times and experiences I’ve had here, and thanks to the promoters, big and small, who booked us! It’s time for me to take what I do to a new level, so see you guys somewhere over the other side!

WHO: Mo’Funk
WHAT: Laidback…Daze’end free mixtape
WHEN: Available now through Mo’Funk’s MySpace profile