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Mobin Master - Masterclass

Author: 3D
Sunday, 20 April 2008
3D gets rhythmic with Mobin Master, and feels compelled to insist he show us love.

Your reworking of Robin S’ Show Me Love has made quite a name for you internationally. What do you think it is about the track that made it such a success-
I was a little fearful of remaking an all-time house classic, as I believe you need to be true to the original. Its success, I think, is all about the impact of the “house organ,” as in the original track from the 90s, and the updated vocals of Karina Chavez, who’s truly nailed it!

Are you working on any other productions at the moment- What about a full-length release-
I am constantly working on tunes and have finished three new tracks on the way to release. In fact, the follow-up to Show Me Love, called Stand Up, is coming out on my label Safari Music on 19 May at all good download stores, and on a big Aussie compilation TBA! An artist album is on the cards, but we’ll see what happens.  

You like your percussive house and tribal rhythms. What is it that you love about these sounds so much-
People dance to drums and rhythms so percussion with melody works. If you listen carefully to a lot of the biggest producers in the world, there’s a percussive element to their tracks and remixes.  I think percussion is coming back now, as people are tired of the minimal drums and single note electro-buzz sounds.

You’ve started your own label, Safari Music. What’s on the immediate horizon for it-
We’ve got two brand new Mobin Master tracks coming out, called Stand Up and a Spanish guitar track called Be Yourself already being hammered and charted by Roger Sanchez. Soon after that will be a main room banging vocal tune by Mobin Master and label partner Hess!

You’re performing live at Oz Fest, according to the event’s poster; what’s your live setup and what does your live show entail-
Karina and I will be singing live, and hell she can sing! She’s unbelievable. She sounds like a recording but it’s live. I play the keytar on most of the tracks, then play acoustic guitar and sing on the track Be Yourself.
We run around the stage and really get audience interaction, like a rock concert!

WHO: Mobin Master
WHAT: Oz Fest
WHEN: Friday 25 April