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Mudd - Stuck In The...

Author: Jane Stabler
Wednesday, 27 February 2008
Paul Murphy, aka Mudd, first caused a scene with his acclaimed album Claremont 56 through NY label Rong Music. Long story short, Murphy started his own label (named after the album) and now he’s playing Sydney for the Future Classic boys. 3D’s Jane Stabler hit him up for a chat.

The St Albans local is an internationally established DJ with a distinct disco sound. He is a producer with much experience, and is also known as DJ Mudd. Oh I can see the jokes now: Stick in the Mudd. Clear as Mudd. Surely the word play must get tiresome-

“No, you’re the first,” the UK DJ laughs. “I get a lot of people asking where the name came from and I really can’t tell. It was a school thing, I think it’s just a shortening of my surname.”

Hmm…at least the jokes were hilarious, right- “They were,” he kindly agrees.

DJ Mudd’s musical antics have been defined in many ways. He’s been called organic, electronic, indie disco…the list goes on. Having transported himself through a range of musical genres, it almost seems that he is trying to defy any particular stereotype.

“Some people find it uncomfortable if it’s not in a bracket,” he says of the myriad of labels he’s been given. “It doesn’t piss me off, it’s just a bit of a shame. It doesn’t need to be in a bracket for people to get their heads around it.
When people ask what sort of music I make I can never really nail it. I think there’s a lot of funk in there, definitely disco. The bases are always disco and jazzy. I just combine music I like.”

Although there has been a running theme, Murphy’s musical tastes have definitely changes over the years. This DJ migrated to house from hip hop to his own variation of disco.

“I used to break dance. I had a little team over here,” Murphy reveals. “We were quite good actually. It came from that – I just realised more how people could make people dance and structure and I got into hip hop and could through that. It’s just been a nice progression through all the sounds.”

Where he’s at now is pretty different to the music that makes you spin on your head, but Murphy says he doesn’t miss the hip hop scene and knows that disco is where his heart lies.

“From hip hop I got into house and then into disco,” he says. “And disco is part of it all. I don’t miss the [hip hop] scene that much. I’m happy with the music I’m listening to.”

WHO: Mudd
WHAT: Plays the Polo Club [ex Will & Toby’s] / Blue River through Claremont 56/Creative Vibes
WHEN: Saturday 15 March / Out now