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Pig & Dan - Bringing The Bacon

Author: Rezo
Sunday, 20 April 2008
3D’s Rezo speaks with Dan Duncan, one half of English techno outfit Pig & Dan.

It was in rather serendipitous fashion – originally through a trip to Spain – that Dan met his musical partner in crime, Igor Tchkotoua.

“I actually went there to discuss my career and on the way, I was chatting with the guy sitting beside me,” Duncan explains. “Igor overheard the conversation from the row behind and got involved in the chat. After the flight we exchanged numbers and planned to meet again. The funny thing is that it wasn’t for another two years before we actually did hook up, and that was due to a mutual friend who suggested that I meet up with a friend of his called Pig. Once we met again we didn’t actually remember the previous encounter on the plane until I left his house. I then called him straight away once it clicked and we decided we should try to write a track together.”

And so Pig & Dan was born.

“When we produce, we kind of work both ways; sometimes we write a whole track together; other times we elaborate on ideas we have had separately,” Duncan says. “We even have times when we are working 24 hours straight, because I come back in the morning and Igor is just finishing a night of working – and then when I’m off, he arrives! We are bonkers, but it seems to work!”

This said work method resulted in their 2007 debut artist album, Imagine, a loosely tied collected of 10 tracks that they claim had no direction whatsoever.

“It’s the usual way for Pig & Dan,” Duncan says. “It’s basically a collection of our works on an album. We didn’t sit down and write this album as an album, we just put together a selection of tracks we felt reflected our sound. If you listen through the album it really goes through many different genres so to speak, and that’s how we are in the studio and behind the decks. We still hope people are able to recognize that our creations are our own sound but are not really able to stick into a certain style.

“At first we felt this might be to our disadvantage, because record shops love to be able to put you in a certain genre, but it seems to have worked out OK so far. When we create, we create with nothing in mind; we never state that today we will work on a minimal track acid monster. Just Pig & Dan stuff.”

WHO: Pig & Dan
WHAT: Play Kink at Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Saturday 26 April