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Pomomofo - Oh So Pomo

Author: 3D
Thursday, 31 January 2008
When Pomomofo started out, life was very different – they didn’t take themselves all that seriously for starters, and now they…well OK, they don’t really take themselves too seriously now either. Just a little bit more…

You released a single last year – is it safe to assume you’re working on an album at the moment- How’s that going-
Yeah, an album is in the works for shiz. We recorded a bunch of new tracks a few months ago to see where we were at, and for the first time ever it felt like we had a sound that could sustain a whole album. So we’re tracking some more soon. We thought we’d drop Island to radio straight away because we got kinda stir crazy – we had all this music and no one had heard any of it! Probably not the most professional approach, but hey.

What’s on the horizon for 2008, apart from the album-

We want to produce a video clip for every track we write this year, release them all on DVD and be hailed as the next Michel Gondry. We’ve also started to DJ quite a bit lately (as GhettopleXXX), so I think 2008 might involve a bit more of that too…especially now we’ve worked out what all the buttons and stuff do.

We’ve seen your name mentioned on a few blogs around the world. Any plans to head overseas-
Big time. A couple of remixes have gone pretty crazy overseas thanks to Kissy Sellout and Diplo (etc.) dropping them, so a few people have heard our name now. Once we have some new original material out we’ll book our tickets. Our ultimate dream is to play Japan so if nothing else we’ll try and get over there this year. I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with Japan. It’s just a cool country.

This was back in October, but do tell us about your experience at Indy. It sounds fucking appalling!
Actually it was one of the best gigs ever. We were booked to play an indie/electro night called First Kiss, but the club it was being held at was like…the ultimate funky house club. So straight away we knew there would be trouble. The band before us, Vulture Culture, were five Ksubi kids playing thrash…they are MAD. They lasted three songs and were kicked off the stage. The owner then says, “No more bands”, but after some sweet-talking he goes, “OK, you can play, but you better play house or you’re off”. I assure him we’re gonna play house. Then we open with our biggest techno thrash track Tamagotchi Girl, the crowd goes nuts, and I yell, “Is that house enough for you, motherfucker!” I got carried away I guess. Crowd goes more nuts, and we get through a couple more songs, but then the owner walks on stage and says, “Stop playing”. We ask the crowd if they want more. They say yes. We start another track. Suddenly, a horde of bouncers descends on the stage and tries to manhandle us off it and it’s total chaos. Somehow we keep playing. I run behind the drums so they can’t get to me. They’re trying to hold Tim’s arms so he can’t hit the drums. Then they rip the plugs out of Mike’s keyboards, but somehow the mic is still working so I start leading the crowd in a round of Kum Ba Yah…and finally we are unceremoniously headlocked off the stage. We were going to lead the crowd outside in protest, so they gave us a $300 bar tab to shut us up. Best night ever.

WHO: Pomomofo
WHAT: Play Candy’s Apartment
WHEN: Friday 8 February