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Robbie Lowe - How Lowe Can You Go-

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
You know the name well because you either see it here every fortnight or on bills around town. Next up for Robbie Lowe is supporting the international DJing phenomenon James Zabiela so we thought we'd question him for once.

So, have you done much surfing in this last summer-

Yeah definitely. You may have seen the recent news stories about the east coast of Australia being bashed by a stationary low-pressure system. The swell has been consistent with some pretty sizeable days in Sydney the last month.

You write a lot about other artists and other music for us, so tell us how you would describe Robbie Lowe…if you weren't him.
I think I would say something along the lines of 'Robbie knows his tunes and plays a half decent set from time to time…' I would have to also mention that he is a legend and a fucking good bloke!

If you're not writing about music, you're playing it - have you always been something of a musical evangelist-
Haha, that's one way to describe myself! I do have a tendency to carry on about the music I love at times, hoping it rubs off onto people.

Objectively again, what do you think about your partner in crime, Tim Culbert, and how's it been working with him-
Tim's a good friend and talented DJ. He has a good ear for music and is rapidly establishing himself in Sydney. Musically we click really well and recently launched a mix series called Colour. It features four-discs focusing on deep house, tech and techno. 

Just checked out the first part of your itinerary this year - it looks packed. What's in store for you, and for us from you, in 2008-

Yes, the year is off to a good start! As well as playing and possible travel, 2008 will be a big year in the studio for me. Hopefully you should see some more Robbie Lowe releases, a string of Colour events following the mix series and more Lowerider columns!

Would you like to head over to NYC again- Is that on the cards-

I would love to. I usually head over around August for a few weeks. I've established some good contacts in NY, and I have a close friend living in Brooklyn Heights. I love NY; it's always a great buzz.

Finally, do you have anything special on store for your support slot with JZ-
Yeah for sure! I have heaps of respect for JZ - he is an amazing DJ/artist. Also I love playing at Sounds events, they're always top notch. My focus will be to set the groove and create a nice platform for James to start. Expect to hear some deep and grooving tech house with a few of my own productions thrown in.

WHO: Robbie Lowe
WHAT: Supports James Zabiela at Arq
WHEN: Friday 15 February