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Robbie Rivera - RR Music Factory

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Friday, 8 February 2008
Robbie Rivera is one of the kings of Miami house, and for good reason. His electro-laced house productions are instantly recognisable, and he’s worked with some of the industry’s best. Headed to Australia for the future music festival, he has co-mixed the official festival compilation with Carl Kennedy. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers caught up with the DJ.

Rivera says the compilation was done without much consideration for who was at the festival, and is much more a Robbie Rivera mix. It features two Rivera originals and three remixes, including his Hum Melody.

“I love starting my set with that track,” he says. “It has this crazy breakdown at the beginning and it has this climax thing and when the bass comes in it drives everybody nuts. I always start my sets with that track. You have to have those tracks you can always depend on. In Australia, the set will depend on how many people I have in front of me. If you have 2000 people you can do whatever you want, but if you have 200, you can go too crazy.

“I remember when they asked me to do the CD it was a rush because we had to have it done before Christmas. I really wanted to show people what I really play. What I compiled is a true set of mine. That’s what I told the record label, I know it’s a festival, but I’m not going to put just tracks from the festival for you to sell the CD. They were like, no, go ahead and put whatever you want. I really enjoyed mixing this CD and putting guys like John Dahlbäck and deadmau5 on there along [with] things like my track, Aye Aye Aye.”

Rivera also has a new album due out later this year called Star Quality. It features a few up and coming vocalists, as well as the C+C Music Factory, whom he is producing a whole album for.

“I’m still working out who is going to take it in Australia,” he says. “That whole album includes a C+C Music Factory tune, and a lot of tracks with fairly unknown singers, but really talented. That’s the project I’m going to be pushing this year. The album is going to be a mixture of vocal house and some electro/rock tracks. There is one tune on my album that has a sample from a band from the ’80s. It’s really cool – all mixed in with some electro rhythms. I drop it all the time and I can’t wait to play that over there in Australia. Remember the group ABC- It’s from them. People go nuts every time I do it. I like doing that, because it’s cool to play underground, but it’s also cool to play tracks that people recognise.”

WHO: Robbie Rivera
WHAT: Plays Future Music Festival, Royal Randwick Racecourse
WHEN: Saturday 8 March