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Russ Chimes - A Neon Tangerine Dream

Author: DCR
Sunday, 11 May 2008
3D’s DCR chats with London synthhead Russ Chimes about channelling the new French sound.

You played at a Valerie party with The Outrunners, Maethelvin and Mintel Rose, all three producers I love. That must’ve been a rad party! Will you be producing any remixes of their tracks anytime soon-
It was a great party, good atmosphere and just really good fun, and the Mintel guys absolutely kill it live, if they come over here you gotta make sure you catch them! I’m currently working on remixes for Minitel Rose and Anoraak.

What’s your weapon of choice to produce the sounds you do-

No real weapon to be honest! I use Logic to sequence and mix, some times Ableton to bounce ideas around… other than that just some guitars, old keyboards and some standard VSTs!

There are a great deal of producers doing similar things sonically in France that are well documented, but do you have a crew in England- Who are some of your peers-
The scene is a little bit quieter in England, which is why it’s been so good [with] Valerie taking me under their wing. I’m getting booked with FutureCop! more these days which is awesome, and their label Bright Lights Big City seem to be doing good things, so hopefully we’ll play a lot more together and get the London scene more established.

Have you got visuals in your head you work with and try and match when you write or do you kinda improvise on the spot to whatever comes out-
It’s all improvised! Usually starts with one riff then builds (and builds) from there. I’ll probably get an idea of how the track is gonna sound when I have 4/5 layers in place, then try and match it up to an idea/visual from there. I’ve got a massive poster of a red 1987 Porsche Carrera in my studio above my desk, so I always just wonder what I’d like to be listening to when driving it – usually helps with inspiration.

You’ve got an EP in the works – will it consist of previously released material mainly, or are you working on some new tunes as well- When can we expect it to drop-
I’ve been busy working on new material recently so I plan to release an EP of brand new tracks in the near future, but there will also be another EP released with of existing tracks including some nice extras! All going well, both should be available in the coming months.

Finally, what have you got on your iPod at the moment-
Slow Jams.

WHO: Russ Chmes
WHAT: Plays Boom Boom Mega Boom at Candy’s Apartment
WHEN: Friday 16 May