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Sean Tyas - Tyas Style

Author: Rezo
Friday, 14 March 2008
Sean Tyas might be an American now living in Switzerland, but it doesn’t affect how he perceives his love of trance music. On the eve of his Australian dates, 3D’s Rezo got on the phone with him.

“It’s a really funny, but sometimes boring, story so I’ll try and bridge it as much as possible for you,” he begins. “I got a mix-tape as an 11 year old with some dance on it. At the time, I found the music scene unbelievable because in America we had a section in the record store called techno. People didn’t know what the word actually meant. There were about 11 CDs there! The music and the selection available evolved until it was big in the stores; in New York it was inevitable that you were surrounded by house music in the 1990s.”

He recounts the story of when he was at a club, after it closed. Itching to party on, they walked outside and found a Paul Van Dyk flyer.

“We went to check him out and it was down the road and I fell in love with trance at that point,” Tyas says. “For the next few years I started to mess around with software programs where you’d write music from the top down. I actually started making hardcore because it was easier and I bought a few synths. I posted on a few forums and this German producer asked me to go over and then I got an offer to go to Switzerland.” And that’s where he stayed.

Towards the end of last year, he released a number of bombs from his corner – these included the single Drop on Discover and One More Night Out on Armada; there was also a remix of Thomas Bronzwaer’s Resound for Vandit and two new compilation CDs Live As…USA and Technoclub.

“I will also start on my artist album towards the end of summer and hopefully by then I won’t have any distractions,” he says. “I want to complete somewhere between 13-15 original tracks. There will also be some collaborations but I can’t say with whom right now!”

And today, he feels more inspired and motivated that ever.

“You have a lot of producers coming out of places like Poland who haven’t been around for a long time. It is cheaper and easier to be a DJ or producer now than ever before so it’s more challenging in a lot of ways,” he says. “I hear a DJ play tracks that I’ve heard before and to me that isn’t inspirational. When you hear someone like Paul Van Dyk play, you hear tracks you can’t identify. Where the internet means everyone has everything, it’s a special DJ that can pull a rabbit out of a hat.”

WHO: Sean Tyas
WHAT: Plays Nexus at 99 Walker St, North Sydney
WHEN: Saturday 22 March