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South American Festival - Lovin La Vida Loca

Author: 3D
Friday, 1 February 2008
The South American Festival is back so we caught up with one night in Ibiza promoter DJ Dante Rivera, who will be spinning tunes on the day, for the low-down.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been involved with the South American Festival – how have you seen the festival grow over the years-
It has changed a lot since the first time I played there. Before it used to be very traditional – it’s still traditional, but now it’s more electronic, more house. The young generation loves house music and I am so glad that I am involved in the music evolution.

So for those who’ve never been, what’s the South American Festival all about- Food and dancing-
Just imagine going to Latin America for a day; the music, the dancing, the food – everybody having fun dancing and more dancing (like going to the carnival in Rio)…hot, hot, hot.

When it comes to Latin music, there are plenty of sub genres to move between, like salsa or merengue, what’s been tickling your fancy lately-
I have been playing and listening to salsa and merengue my whole life but for the last 12 I have been involved in house music (Latin house).

What’s been happening with your group the Houzekeeperz-
Houzekeeperz are doing good, playing around Sydney at the moment (also working on some new material), getting things started for 2008 summer, baby.

We hear you’ve also been dabbling in production, any releases on the horizon-
Yeah baby! After Feel the House, which has been doing well, now I have been collaborating with producer Levy 5 Star (making some dirty funky Latin house). Also with DJ AG Ortiz, Chocolate Escobar and my new partners in crime DJ Oscar Cadena and DJ Joey Gomez. My next track is called Inka’s Soul. Keep an ear for it in 2008.

Finally, is there anything else people need to know about the South American Festival to get them to come and shake their booty-
Fuck yeah – a good vibe, good music, hot chicks and lots of food and drinking...see you all there.

WHO: DJ Dante Rivera
WHAT: Plays South American Festival @ Bondi Pavilion
WHEN: Sunday 17 February