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Supafly Inc - On The Fly

Author: 3D
Thursday, 28 February 2008
Supafly Inc is the duo of Mister P, a London DJ/producer big on hip hop and dance, and One, a West African singer/songwriter with interests in reggae, soul, and drum. 3D caught up with the two.

How did you come to collaborate-
We met in London, in the music section of The Loot Publication (an advertising paper). I was looking for a producer, and Panos [One] was looking for a singer. The rest is history, as they say.

You’ve had top 10 hits in many countries including Spain, Italy and Turkey – when you began making music together did you expect a multi-national influence, or was it more of a home city thing that grew big-
When we began, we were happy to get studio time. It was expensive to get in to the studio £1000+ a day. That was our highlight in the beginning. We were just happy creating good music, and that’s what still drives us. To be making a good living out of what we really enjoy doing, is something out of this world. We are always thankful and take time to laugh with each other at how we started.

Tell us about your new release Be Together – is there an album coming soon-
In the UK the single is building wonderfully in the UK. It’s due out at the end of April and will be available in Australia May sometime. We’ve great support from all the big DJs Pete Tong, Morillo, Armen Van…just to name a few. It’s going very well on radio and in clubland.

Everyone is asking us about the album…and we’re pleased to say it’s on its way.

Do you think you’ll ever move back to Oz permanently-
We both love Australia. Panos spent a lot of his formative years there, and I fell in love with the place at first sight. It’s an amazing place with great history, and natural environment. The people are friendly and the food makes the UK look like a late night takeaway. Hey, and it has sun. That said, for now we choose to be in the UK. Musically it’s our heartbeat. We’ll keep coming to Australia for our writing session, and keep drawing on its energy and vibes.

Moving on to your live set: you’ll be back in Oz for the non-for-profit carbon-neutral Climate Festival. How did you become a part of this- Had you done anything like this before-
Last year we played a series of gigs at the rainforest Jam festival. It is a movement to bring greater awareness to the depletion of the Amazon rainforest. Its aim is to raise founds to buy back Amazonian forested land. It was great to contribute to such a cause. When approached by the organisers to play this festival, we were thankful for the opportunity to do this. Events like the Climate Festival are high on Supafly’s agenda.

WHO: Supafly Inc.
WHAT: Play Climate Festival at Big Top, Luna Park
WHEN: Sunday 6 April