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Supreme Beings Of Leisure - A Love Supreme

Author: Jane Stabler
Monday, 18 February 2008
Despite their name, Supreme Beings Of Leisure are not a pair inclined to take it easy. Even their recent five-year departure from the music scene wasn’t filled with days of nothing. If anything, the break was much needed and at times even traumatic for vocalist Geri Soriano-Lightwood, but as she explains to 3D’s Jane Stabler - there was never a doubt that these beings would make a not-so leisurely return.

“We’d always intended to [to make this album],” Soriano-Lightwood explains of their new full-length, 11i. “We never actually dropped it. It was more of a case of just needing a break and because in the course of five years between 1998 and 2003 we put out two albums, we had two tours, I got married, I lost two parents, I had a child, I bought houses…just about everything that could happened did happen. After the second tour I just got home and crawled into bed for a year. We had always intended [to do this again] and we were always working together – we weren’t completely stagnant.”

Geri’s lack of stagnating means they use the term ‘leisure’ loosely, or more to the point, they view what they do as leisure purely because they love it so much. “I like to think when you’re doing what you love its not work,” Soriano-Lightwood considers of her career. “So the idea is to do what you love, and it is leisure. And what I do does bring me a lot of leisure, I get to contemplate the world and I get to write about [it]. It’s a cool job, I love it.”

Contemplative is a good descriptor for the sounds of SBL, as is sexy. Touting themselves as creators of sexy sounds for sexy people, Geri laughs at the notion that the people listening to their music are indeed all sex gods and goddesses. “I do think there’s an element of sensuality in what we do,” she considers, “and I think we appeal to people who have a sensual side about them.”

A fitting sidestep for the pair is then the advertising industry, which also prides itself on being a fairly sexy sort of business. Although initially creating music for their love of it, the pair also found that their musical talents were snapped up for use in various ad campaigns, a lucrative bonus that neither Geri nor musical partner Ramin Sakurai foresaw when they started out.

“When we first started there was that mentality of sell-out, that whole marrying marketing to music was so controversial,” the vocalist recalls. “Now it’s just what you do and I’m glad because it’s a great form of exposure for a lot of artists who wouldn’t get that exposure otherwise.

“And it pays the bills!”

WHO: Supreme Beings of Leisure
WHAT: 11i through Ryko Disc/Stomp
WHEN: Out now