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Surkin - Next Of (Sur)kin

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 6 February 2008
Any fan of the French/German electro scenes will be well aware of Surkin, the man responsible for many a bangin’ remix. Now he’s hitting our fair land (again) to play Good Vibrations.

So you’re from Paris. Is it all underground electro there or are there other vibrant scenes-
I don’t know much about the other scenes, to be honest, but I bet there are some good things there as well.

There’s a heavy focus on Parisian electronica at the moment. This must have had a most positive effect on the clubbing scene- 
Most of the guys doing club music in Paris right now come from non-club backgrounds. It’s a fresh air/new blood kind of situation. Some rock kids, many rap heads who used to hate techno are into what we do. That’s pretty much the coolest effect we’re having. That and keeping kids in school. 

February sees you in Australia for Good Vibrations. Are you looking forward to playing a touring festival-
Of course I’m amped. You can usually find me playing at clubs and the like. I’ve toured Australia before, so I know most of the cities. We’ll see how different it is in a festival setting.

The benefit of playing festivals vs clubs is that you can win new fans that may be checking you out for the first time. What have you got up your sleeve for the crowds-
I’ll be performing my usual set, augmented by a couple of new routines, mostly acrobatic. Old crowd favourites – such as the Twirling Baguette – will be punched up with additional costumed cast and pyrotechnics (if the festival agrees to my demands).

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming EP, Next of Kin-
It’s three new tracks and one remix by one of my heroes, Todd Ewards. I’m very happy with it, all three tracks are different, come from different places. Gaspirator designed the sleeve, and outdid himself. 

Are you working on any remixes at the moment-
Unfortunately, the Vietnamese sweat shop we French producers used to outsource our remixes to was closed down last month. Last one I/they did was Justice’s DVNO. I had to finish it myself, can you imagine- 

Finally, can you tell us a couple of your friends we should be checking out-
Curses! from the Institubes camp is writing an album right now – classic in the making. Bobmo (we have that band together called High Powered Boys) has a new record out soon. He’s gross but his music makes up for it.

WHO: Surkin
WHAT: Plays Good Vibrations, Centennial Park
WHEN: Saturday 16 February