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Sweet and Crispin

Author: 3D
Monday, 25 February 2008
Dj Crispin Kerr is the co-founder of Sweetchilli, the Sydney clubbing institution. But of course, he’s also a well-known DJ. 3D caught up with him prior to his support of Layo & Bushwacka!

You started Sweetchilli in 2000, and the club has now become one of Sydney’s most successful nights. Is the Sweetchilli of today how you envisioned it way back at the beginning of the decade-
Haha, not quite. As a 24-year-old starting an events company with Daniel Crocetti, my partner in Sweetchilli, we had more than a few visions of world domination and an army of henchmen. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Both of us work some serious hours for our full-time jobs (which is not Sweetchilli) and partly because of that we have never formulated a long term plan for Sweetchilli.  We’ve been really happy to organise really good parties when we feel like it or when the opportunities arise, and that tends to be often.

What’s on the cards for the rest of the year in the Sweetchilli camp-
A lot March along with the Civic we will be giving our weekly event a very big push. The venue is in my opinion the best small (300 capacity) venue I have ever seen; it also has the best sound system in Australia. Massive call I know but I’m serious. Renovations have been completed in the underground section of the venue. In March the saloon level will be completed and the whole venue will then remain open to 6am with the Civic Underground kicking on until 9am every Saturday and Sunday morning. In March we are hosting a big Renaissance party with Dave Seaman and Nic Fanciulli and in April we are holding a party with Paolo Mojo, Petter & Abe Duque with more TBA all on the same bill. We also have Lee Burridge and Anthony Pappa touring in the first half of the year...that’s six exclusives for you.

Are you personally working on any productions/remixes at the moment-

Not me. As much as I would love to, finding time to do anything more than I already am is near impossible. Quite a few of the guys involved in Sweetchilli are doing great things though. Robbie Lowe has been producing with Matt Rowan and has come up with some great tracks. Carlos Zarate recently started producing as well and he’s been working with Tim Jirgenson – a very good person to learn the ropes from. You can expect to see some very good things from Carlos I reckon. He’s dedicated and has a great ear for music.

Can we expect any physical releases soon-
Definitely from Carlos and Robbie.

What sort of direction are you taking your music in 2008- How does it differ from, say, two years ago-
I used to be about progressive house through and through, it’s been a few years since that was the case though. Now I am much more into tech house, techno and deep house. I’m not a big fan of electro or straight up minimal.

WHO: Crispin
WHAT: Supports Layo & Bushwacka! at Gaelic Club
WHEN: Saturday 22 March