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Tayo - DJ Strike

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 18 January 2008
When Tayo isn’t DJing you’ll find him on the field. Thing is, he’s on the field so often you could say that it’s the DJing that’s the hobby. Pretty good hobbie though – Fabric, Glasto and all that. 3D’s Darryn King had a half-time chat with the Brit.

You play competitive football, don’t you- Is that something that’s still important to you-
I play football for the famous Spartak Brockley in a pretty competitive seven-a-side league in South London. It’s hardly the EPL but we all take it (too) damn seriously. I rarely miss a game and I’ve finally got my scoring touch back after it deserted me for a season.

Last year you took out DJ mag’s Best of British award for your Fabric mix – it was 70 minutes of music that defies easy categories. Is it really just a cross-section of your diverse music tastes-
Yup. It was a cross-section of my taste. Well, some of them of my taste otherwise there would have been some Meatloaf on there… But enough of the guilty pleasures – it was nice to win the award I guess, especially with pipping peeps like James Zabiela to it. I voted for James anyway.

You said at the time you were opening yourself up to flak from the genre police – have you ever had to fight against people wanting to restrict what you play-
Not really. Genre police and internet hounds like to have their say about what you do, as if they are the guardians of a sound. What I meant is that I’m commonly known as a breaks DJ [and] that [the] world might moan about the fact there are only about two straight ahead breaks records on there.

Thing is I’ve played in Ibiza on the terrace for about nine years now playing house, used to run parties with Basement Jaxx playing house, play dub sets at Glastonbury, hosted the Sunday at the Glade festival this year with my new Cool & Deadly brand with Iration Steppas, Adrian Sherwood, and Digital Mystikz... I’ve always played whatever I like and most of the peeps I work with allow me to do just that.

What was the Glastonbury experience like-
Awesome when it’s sunny, an ordeal when it isn’t, and you are walking around in two feet of mud, but still fun. In the latter circumstance the key is to play your set, then to get ruined for four days. Which is precisely what I did. Exit Festival was the best festival last year I did though.

Was it a huge shock to realise that people on the other side of the world obsess over your music-
Yup. And it always will be. I’ll never get bored of hearing people write to me saying nice things or come up to me at gigs. When I take that for granted then I’ll truly be an arsehole…

Speaking of which, are there any particular artists you’re obsessing over at the moment-
Benga and Skream, a guy called TRG, Drop The Lime, Iration Steppas, Gui Boratto, Marc Houle, anything Dirty Bird, Will Saul, Matthias Tanzmann, Blaqstarr, Santogold, Amanda Blank, New Freq Nasty shizzle… and the list goes on. Come and find out, innit.

So what’s next for Tayo-
I have about five runners up trophies from the first division of our league. When I get home I’m determined to make that a winner’s one. Apart from that- Album (nearly done finally), radio, regular podcasts and more stops on the disco bus around the globe.

WHO: Tayo
WHAT: Plays Break Inn at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 25 January