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The Beatnuts - Beat It

Author: Ben Stern
Sunday, 20 April 2008
Queens boys The Beatnuts chat to Ben Stern about bringing a NY invasion to Sydney, and having working girls over for dinner.

Hey guys hope you’re both doing well. What’s good-
We're chilling, getting ready to take over Australia next week.

Are you excited about coming back to Sydney-
Yeah! Sydney is a great city and we look forward to spending time-off there, as we didn’t get the chance last time around.

What were some of the things you really enjoyed about Sydney/Australia-
Well, we didn’t get to enjoy much other than the nightlife, being that we were there to perform and keep it moving, but it was definitely a cool vibe. The people were open and friendly... good beer, beautiful women, not a bad time at all.

It’s been almost four years since we last saw a Beatnuts album; are we going to see a new one any time soon-
We’ve been in the process of recording for the last couple of months and it’s going really well. We’re both not too happy with the state of the industry right now, so that’s really what’s been holding things up... these record labels are always looking to pimp you and we ain’t having that shit.

2007 saw Les hooking up with Al Tariq for Big City, any chance we’re going to see some more side projects coming out of your camp-
I've been working on a Junkyard Juju solo project, which I would like to eventually release, as well as a self-produced compilation LP.

The Beatnuts are renowned for their production and you guys have worked with some of the best MCs out there. Was there anyone in particular you think was incredible to work with-
Well for me personally no one was more incredible to watch than Big Pun. It was one of those situations where you knew something crazy was gonna happen in the room, it was just a matter of when, and to whom.
Aside from him, working with Meth on the Se Acabo remix was dope. Probably the highest I've ever been in my natural life. The man came thru with 50 (yes, 50) blunts rolled and ready to smoke.

Is there anyone in particular you’d kill to work with-
No, no one is worth killing to produce for. I actually dislike most people.

How do you guys feel about the rise of synth-based hip hop. Do you feel like sampling is becoming a dying art form-

I like some of it. I think there’s room for both, but there has to be a balance in hip hop... I myself use both because I like my shit to sound big, if not bigger, than the next record, so… But I don’t think sampling will ever be a dying art form, at least not while I’m alive.

I recently read an interview you did with Chris Nieratko, which had a pretty funny story about Big Pun – have you got any other good stories about people you’ve worked with-
Woa! So many come to mind... Well, recently I was in the studio with a very well known artist and some female escorts were called up to party with us. I remember everyone drinking and laughing and smoking and having a good time. Then, somewhere along the line, shit just started spiralling downhill. All I remember was walking out of a bush at 8am covered in mud and blood, holding a high-heel shoe in one hand asking myself, “Did I just eat a hooker-”

WHO: The Beatnuts
WHAT: NY Invasion at Manning Bar
WHEN: Thursday 24 April