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The Bionics - Bionical Music

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 March 2008
The Bionics are an off-shoot of Crazy Penis, made up of CP members Danielle Moore and Tim Davies, and producer Ben Davis. 3D caught up with Davis in light of the release of their debut LP.

Danielle and Tim are in Australia with Crazy Penis, and also doing a few Bionics shows. Have you heard from the others how the Playground Weekender gig went- Do you guys play many festivals-
I’ve heard on the jungle drums that it was brilliant. We are mainly a studio project but Danni is doing some DJ gigs and if the mood takes her may pick up a mic and belt a couple of Bionics tunes out.

So did The Bionics come about as a side project of Crazy Penis-
Tim lived round the corner from me so we got together in my studio and it went from there. Danni liked what was being knocked out and wanted to put some vocals down and it all went from there. There are some similarities due to similar membership!

How did you become involved with Tim and Danielle-
Well Danni and I are married so the hook up wasn’t a very big leap!

How long have you been together- It seems you were pretty quick writing and recording your debut album…
It actually took about three years from when we first started writing so wasn’t a quick process. We’ve all got other stuff going on but as it progressed and we started getting deadlines then it speeded up.

How would you describe the difference between The Bionics and Crazy Penis-
I’d say that The Bionics are wonkier and a bit more experimental. Because our tracks aren’t designed to be played out there is plenty of studio trickery and editing that Crazy P maybe won’t do. Also as there is somebody else producing there are natural differences but have a listen and see what you think!

WHO: The Bionics
WHAT: Play Good Times at theLoft / Solid Silver through Bocajito/Creative Vibes
WHEN: Sunday 23 March / Out now